Book: Welcome to Night Vale

I continue to suck at space capitalism on Mars. Just too dang focused on being nice (I don’t use any of the sabotage actions) and maintain a sustainable debt-free foundation. Even being the robot workforce only helped a little.

Welcome to Night Vale: A Novel by Joseph Fink (Author), Jeffrey Cranor (Author)

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Games and Shows

First off, I’ve been playing Offworld Trading company. Point of the game is to run a corporation on Mars to support a growing colony. Mine resources, build other resources, make money and out-capitalism the competitors. I know at least one of my online friends will be happy to hear that the game has shown that I’m terrible at capitalism. The game is kind of kicking my ass because I try to keep my debt down and focus on long term sustainability instead of immediate profits. Oh well, it’s still fun and I’ve gotten up to second place a few times.

My mother and I are watching Agents of Shield and season five has turned out to be really good! Partly because it’s so disconnected from the previous seasons. More or less. Also because it’s a cool situation and they’ve managed to pack a lot into the first half of the show. We just finished episode 10 and I think finished up the current story arc. I think. There are a lot of dangling plot threads. Feels like we’ve watched an entire season already and we aren’t even at the halfway point. I enjoyed the previous season. Well, I enjoyed about half of it. The supernatural elements as high-level science and tech is always a favorite. When season four got to virtual reality and robot doubles I was less interested but enough to finish it. Season five? We are watching two episodes at a time instead of one just because we want to know what happens next.

I’m not sure I’d recommend it to someone brand new? A lot of my enjoyment is based on knowing the characters and backstories. On the other hand, given the premise, it’s more stand-alone than previous seasons so might be a good starting point? Not sure. Mostly just wanted to recommend it to anyone that was disappointed about earlier bits of the show to let them know it was worth giving another shot.

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June 3, 2018

For my birthday I’ve decided to join the 21st century. Or, well, join the 21st century as it existed a decade ago. Finally decided to get in on this rss feed thing I’ve heard so much about. After looking around, trying it on my phone and looking for dedicated desktop feed software I finally found that Thunderbird does it just fine. If I had done this a decade ago I’d have every blog I’ve ever liked in my thunderbird client. Oh well, we live and learn. If my biggest regret going into my 36th year of life is something like that, I’m doing pretty good in the grand scheme of things.

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Pony Stories 890

Woo, birthday month. Tomorrow I’ll be… Ugh. Stupid time and being old. Let’s see, lemme do the math, it’s year 18 and I was born… Huh. Exactly 35 years old tomorrow morning. Still waiting for my adult handbook to show up to tell me how everything works so I can be all-knowing adult. I mean, surely the other adults have everything figured out, right? The current US political system only seems like a disaster because I haven’t read the adult handbook. Right?

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Pony Stories 859

Today I’m gonna cover stories I actually read semi-recently! Instead of, you know, several months ago and just got around to actually posting it to my blog. Two stories about Hearts and Hooves Day, actually.

Love Takes Work by Ponibus
A story about Twilight Sparkle trying to find romance. More or less. This one I liked less than the other one. It just sort of seemed like a fragment. Plus the idea of actually dating never seemed to come up. Cadance and Twilight talk about it and the two options were basically, her two closest employees Cloud and Storm, or marrying her off to some foreign leader and/or important person. Just seemed a bit too calculated. Which fits Twilight, but felt just a bit off. Especially when the story didn’t really come to any real conclusion. Just a sort of ‘and then life went on and Twilight was more open to things’.

Hearts in the Right Places by Ponibus
I liked this one a bit better. It’s a character study of Starlight Glimmer. Who has become one of my favorite characters of the show in spite of her introduction in the show. Anyway, it is a nice look into Starlight Glimmer. Not to mention well written Trixie is always fun. I did like the author’s focus on the aspect of Starlight that is basically she had no middle gear. No tiny steps. She tries to rewrite the entire holiday when put in charge, and then gets all huffy when everyone doesn’t immediately go with her ideas. The idea of moderation, just changing something a bit at a time never even occurs to her. Plus this was a full story with a beginning, middle, and end. I don’t need a narrative story arc to enjoy a story. I’ve enjoyed several go-nowhere slice of life stories. The previous story had a problem without a real resolution.

So I’d recommend Hearts in the Right Places, but Love Takes Work is not a bad read. Plus they are kind of paired stories, chronologically. Plus a decent amount of knowledge of this particular AU is helpful for Love Takes Work.

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