Review: Honor Harrington series

Recently (like two weeks ago at this point I think?) I went back and read the entire Honor Harrington series by David Weber. Military scifi and space opera. I was a big fan of the books back when I was younger (like a decade ago?) but when I got caught up and he wasn’t really putting out more books in that series it kind of fell off my radar. Recently I noticed there was a new book out (sort of) and decided to revisit the whole thing. Including the two newer books I have not read. I did not read the five short story collections, except for two short stories that were the introduction of particular characters important later.

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Bronycon 2018 after-action report

The bad news is that I was the only survivor. The good news is that means there were no witnesses. No, wait, that was the *other* weekend. Not Bronycon. The majority of this post was written late Saturday and/or early Sunday. The sun hasn’t *quite* come up yet.

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Pony Stories 893

Two more days until I leave for Bronycon. I’m not sure if that makes the waiting harder or easier. Looking like I won’t be able to completely update the BMRL before the con. Which I half-expected.

In other news, I saw the new Ant-Man movie. Was decent. Had a lot of good individual moments, but overall kind of disappointing. I thought the first one was better. Action scenes weren’t as clever either. I’d wait for DVD or streaming. No real reason to see it in theaters.

  • Punishment and Forgiveness by KnightMysterio
  • The End of the World! (Or “It’s Another Day Ending in ‘Y'”) by Carapace
  • The White Horse by Carabas
  • Canzone by Merc the Jerk
  • Sunbeam by Admiral Biscuit

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Pony Stories 892

Six days until Bronycon. Counting down the days and hours, practically. I might honestly leave for the con Wednesday night rather than Thursday late morning. Just to shorten the waiting time. I do not like waiting for some event. Which is weird since I’m pretty patient. If I’m waiting for someone else to finish something or a bus or something I’m usually fine. For something I’m looking forward to I’m less fine. Augh! I just want to get to the convention where I can socialize and pretend to have a social life!

  • An Apple A Day Keeps Autocracy Away by MrNumbers
  • Two of a kind, you and I┬áby GenerousGypsy

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Bronycon 2018: one week to go

Woo! One week until I leave for the con. Looking forward to it. Not only did last year’s con hold back my depression for like three months after, I’ll actually be socializing more this time. Mostly because I have a car. So, it’ll be like high school all over again. Except I wasn’t the one with the car back then. Be cool to actually hang out with people instead of just kinda lurk nearby people.

Let’s see… I’m gonna be bringing my extra copies of Fallout: Equestria 3rd printing, & The Life and Times of a Winning Pony hardbacks. Just in case anyone there wants a copy and has the cash to buy ’em! Gotta get the money for my own dealer’s room splurges somehow! Hm. Might bring all the rest of my ponybooks. Maybe get ’em signed if authors are there. Or just to show them off. Or just have them displayed in my hotel room to be smug about without showing them to anyone. I’ve got a whole week to decide!

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