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So, just saw that Chris over at One Man’s Pony Ramblings is doing some reviewer review sort of stuff. Which apparently got me a spot! This is what happens when one doesn’t keep up with people’s blogs apparently. Given my terrible reaction to potential criticism I haven’t actually gotten up the courage to actually read it. Even though I’ve got a pretty good idea of what the judgement is going to be and Chris is a cool guy so either way it’ll be all smooth and gentle and all that. Stupid brain. I suppose at the very least I need to get back to commenting on actual ponyfic stories.

  • Barnyard Barge-Ins by Estee
  • Three Hundred And Sixty Degrees Of Saturation by Estee

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Woo. Home.

Finally home. Last day was a bit of grinding teeth, but I survived and the person in the car with me survived. So everything worked out. Now I just have to deal with the 240+ notifications on my FimFiction feed. Ouch. Maybe I’ll avoid that for another day or two.

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Florida Trip, the day after the last one.

I realized recently that I think I have my favorite team-up of Ponyfic writers. GPjaxie for basic concept and story, Estee for magical worldbuilding, Admiral Biscuit’s for culture/social worldbuilding. With a good dose of GhostOfHeraclitus for some good pony civil service and government.

Just been thinking about it while I’ve continued to read Silver Glow’s Journal. Oh my god it is dragging. I’m at the part where the other slice of life stories on the site are leaving to find me one interesting things to do. Still looking forward to when I get past the point I was before, and I do remember at least one part that I’m waiting for in the part I have read. Plus I’m more curious than ever in how it all wraps up. Like, is there an actual narrative conclusion, or is it just a ‘Silver Glow went back to Equestria. The End’ sort of deal? Of course that’s still around 600,000 words of the most mudane slice of life to ever be written.

Anyway, thinking about the authors I enjoy and how they all have their own little specialities. Admiral Biscuit is the best at social pony stuff. Culture and social stuff. The peeks he gives of pony life (in particular the life of a weather pegasus in a fishing port town) is delightful each time we get a glimpse in passing. On the other side of things, Estee comes up with really interesting magical stuff. Mostly earth pony magic, but plenty of unicorn magic details as well. Not so much the pegasi that I can recall off the top of my head. Not to mention the backstories of the Alicorns and the time of Discord.

Whereas I consider GoH’s Dotted Line and the entire civil service to be canon, regardless of what the actual creators of the show might say or put in the show itself. Dotted Line, Spinning Top, and Leafy Salad are all just wonderful and need to be in more stuff. Where are we in finding and organizing the black ops squad to kidnap and smuggle GoH out of his country and to some comfortable house in the middle of nowhere USA so he can focus on ponywords?


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Florida Trip day… um… 5? 10? 429? Does time even exist in this bright and blazing hell on Earth?

It’s really not that bad. I just don’t like really bright sunlight and the heat isn’t brain-melting like it was last time I was down here, but still too warm to be comfortable in.

Went to the Kennedy Space Center Visitors Center. I think that is what is was called? Anyway, the place with the tourist space stuff and the actual space shuttle Atlantis in one of the exhibits. Was a pretty neat place, if too bright and warm so I ran out of energy after about two hours. If I lived neraby I could certainly see myself visiting the place once or twice a month until I had seen everything. Rockets are very big!

Two more days until.I head back, then three days of driving. Including a half-ass where we stop so I can hang out with a friend in North Carolina. Wish we didn’t have the schedule disruption because if everything had gone as planned I’d be getting home tomorrow probably and I miss my computer. It really is like a large chunk of my brain is missing when I don’t have my computer to work at/on.

Still, good to get away from it for a while. Even if the sleep on the trip has been worse than usual so I haven’t been able to decompress from the rut of daily life I was in. Did actually get some writing in yesterday and today. Crappy porn stuff, but first actual sit-down-and-write-stuff I’ve done in a long time. So, progress!

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Florida Trip day 3

Bleh. This might be the least enjoyable road trip I’ve ever taken. Worse than usual sleeping and just general blahness. Also it’s going to be four days longer than expected due to a schedule shakeup. So going to miss three days of D&D gaming instead of two.

Always weird how worn out and tired I feel after a day off driving. I always expect to have a chance to write and read, but stumbling into the hotel at 10pm or later and I’m pretty much just falling over into bed. Then up early and just kind of blah from not sleeping well in hotels. One reason I’m looking forward to our destination.

Today (Tuesday) wasn’t too bad. One good thing about the scheduling shakeup was that we didn’t have to do a full day of driving today so got to a hotel early and spent the evening relaxing. So that was nice. Main reason I’ve got the time/energy to type this up.

I’ve read a few pony stories, but for the most part my reading has been Admiral Biscuit’s million word epic Silver Glow’s Journal. Which I’ve read halfway through before but decided to start over to read it from beginning to end now that he finished it. Gotten about one-fourth of the way through it and about as good as I remember. Not great, but… I don’t know. Fun bits but it is just so slow and the telly style kind of goes up and down. I mean the story is 1.6 Fallout Equestra’s and much, much less actually happens in it. Reading it over from the beginning and I’m finding it about as semi-engaging as before and this time I know everything that’s going to happen. Which in one way is good, but in another way that means that it wasn’t all that exicting in the first place. Part of me suspects the best way to read it is one chapter a day. Or maybe 2-3, but certainly would guess that doing it serial-story style is a good idea. I’m just too impatient to take that long since it’s a full year of daily journals and even then chapters a day would take a full month to read.


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