Game: Valley


Bought a new game on steam, which I’m actually playing! Well, two, but I ended up giving the first one to a friend as a gift. The one I’m playing is called Valley and I’m enjoying it a lot. I’d recommend anyone with Steam buy it because it’s on sale and only 2 dollars at the moment.

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Artemis Fowl

This month I’m focusing my efforts on reading more. I’ve gotten out of the habit and I feel that lack of reading is impacting both my ability to focus on things for long periods and my ability to be creative. Creativity is a function of input of creative works plus imagination after all. Part of this is reading some of the longer fanfics and another part is reading non-pony stuff.

Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

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Pony Stories 901

Alright. Let’s see if I can pull this one-post-a-week thing off. That’s all you get for intro today since I’ve completely forgotten like the three really cool and involved intros my brain came up with over the last week or two that I didn’t write down.

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In Your Face, laziness!

As of… Two hours ago? I officially hit 50K words on my National Novel Writing Month novel. Is it good? Heck no. There is a good story in there but the words on the page (metaphorically speaking) are certainly not it. Not a single graceful scene transition and so much exposition and word padding. Still, had some cool ideas and I actually managed to have some thematic connection between the first scene and the last scene… Or wait, I might be thinking of the piece for it I wrote before the month. Anyway! I worked in thematic connection between the start of the overall story (which may or may not have actually been written this month) and the last scene I wrote to finish off the month. So that’s cool.

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High Security and Writing

I fell back into the linux end of the computer pool again. I used linux as my proper laptop OS for a few years… Jeeze, nearly a decade ago at this point? Don’t remember why I stopped. I think it’s when the version of Linux I was using updated and wouldn’t work on the netbook I was using. Plus I got a desktop for actually playing games and such on. So I’ve been a windows guy since, simply because it was what came with the computers I bought.

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