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Traditional Unicorn architecture involves a front door several feet above the ground. In the olden days it was so that Unicorns could look down on anyone that came to visit them and make sure that teleportation was the only dignified way to enter a house. In the modern days Canterlot building codes require a set of stairs if the doorway is raised up. Many Unicorn nobles still take advantage of the height advantage to look down on anyone who comes to their door.

Princess Celestia, who could rant for hours and hours about stupid Unicorn traditions, actually liked this particular one. It meant that she didn’t have to hurt her neck looking down whenever she visited those houses. It put her more or less at eye-level with the ponies she talked to. At least until she was invited into the building for tea. It was always tea. Never coffee. Never ice tea. Never cookies. Always tea. Never even cake! Ponies even knew she liked cake. But no, always tea.

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Pony Stories 821

Last night (as of writing this intro anyway) I had a fairly complex and involved dream that was Adagio and Shining Armor falling in love… and apparently Adagio was ex-queen of the Changelings? Changing perspectives and… at one one I think there was a standard fantasy novel quest?  Was pretty neat, actually. I have no idea where it came from.

  • The Skyla Pseudonym by iisaw

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Back from trip

Went to see family over Halloween. I am now back and so not looking forward to the 70+ item long notification feed over on FimFiction. Might take a day or two of recovery before I poke that particular pile. Probably catch up on ponies. Season finale aired I think? Probably best to watch that before diving into spoilers.

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Pony Stories 820

Huh. Got a huge spike of views on the 24th. Guess people noticed I posted something on the 23rd or something. Anyway, semi-regular blogposts continue. In other news, been playing and even running a lot of online one-on-one D&D. It has been a lot of fun. Which throws a sharp contrast to my Tuesday in-person group, which hasn’t been fun for like three sessions. Ugh. Stupid interpersonal interactions. I really don’t want to email the guy running and tell him I want to step out until we start a new game.

  • Lessons in Generosity by PaulAsaran
  • The Spirit of a Pegasus by bookplayer

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Non-pony review: We Are Bob

Beep boop. Man, the time flies when completely consumed by something non-productive online. Today a science fiction story I liked but did not finish.

We Are Legion (We Are Bob) (Bobiverse Book 1) by Dennis Taylor

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