Pony Stories 807

Beep boop. This would be the intro bit, if I had anything to put here. Try again tomorrow to see if my brain is working.

Have You Considered My Servant, Twilight? by Cynewulf

This author’s other story Ageless, or Celestia Plays Dice With the Universe and this one are pretty good views of Celestia and Luna as divinities. A view I share as some of you might know. I like the idea that the alicorns are something greater than the sum of their parts. That they have just a spark of the divine inside them, in a very much D&D sense of just being on a higher plane of power/existence that connects with reality on a deeper cosmic level. On the other hand, I don’t like them being world-creators or all powerful. Just the next step up in the power/perception hierarchy from mortals. Like I said, divine in a very Dungeons & Dragons sense.

Anyway! I bring that up as context to say that the author does a lot of things I enjoy with these stories. However, I didn’t like this one overall. A story about uncertainty and shallowness. Which left me frustrated at it for not really going anywhere and wanting to smack Princess Luna upside the head for like 80% of it. I wish Princess Luna had either had better reasons for doing what she did, or at least the story would have presented them better. The ending was a bit disappointing as well. Anyway! I’d still recommend this one. Would call it good with an asterisk.

Also, the book of Job and the basic premise Princess Luna takes in this story, is still kind of stupid in my opinion.

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Pony Stories 806

Once more, the fact that my sleep schedule and productivity are tightly bound together gets whacked in my face over and over again. I’m pretty sure I’ll actually learn it deep down about two years after mankind figures out FTL travel. Let’s seem if I can’t get back on the daily post wagon.

I get it putting other clothes on ponies, but how does the mirror decide to give Starlight Glimmer a hat when it converts her to humanland?

  • Sunlight Glimmer by ajvasquezbrony28
  • Sunset in the Otherworld by Impossible Numbers

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The filler post to make all the other filler posts look good

This counts as today’s post!

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Pony Stories 805

Whoops! Missed yesterday. Still, doing pretty good on the daily posting if I got a two-week length before the first missed day. Just have to be a little more careful about losing an entire day to the internet. Now back to Sunset Shimmer shipping stories.

  • Sunset & Sunrise Vs. Evil by King of Beggars
  • Complex Apartments by Phaoray
  • …But It Often Rhymes by Posh

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Pony Stories 804

I got around to watching the Equestria Girls episodes/shorts. Mostly because I ran into a lot of fics involving either Juniper or referenced the events of them and I wanted to have some frame of reference. Was annoying to track them down too since I couldn’t find them on Youtube. They were decent. Didn’t like the first one. Third one was the best. Mostly because of Sunset Shimmer pony. The part where she’s trying to pick up a book with her hoof is adorable. Plus gave me a bit of inspiration for pony worldbuilding that I’ll probably flesh out and use for a filler post on the blog fairly soon.

  • Natural Emotions by MetalJrock2299
  • The Memories We Share by CommissarAJ

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