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So, our bathroom has a whole bunch of switches by the door. Two light switches, fan, heat, two non-functional. I accidentally hit the fan when I went in yesterday and it triggered a interesting line of thought. I went about my business with the fan running because our bathroom isn’t pitch black without the light on or anything. Left the fan running because I was thinking about scifi stuff. If there was a race of aliens with no sight but very good hearing, would they use fans or other noise makers to block the hearing of others? Walk into a bathroom and turn on the fan (or equivalent noise maker) so that others in the house/building can’t hear them. Sure, other aliens could probably focus and hear through the noise or whatever but that would be considered the same as someone in our society peeking in on someone on the toilet. So the noise-maker would be considered something like a curtain or window shade.

Now, granted, it would also deafen/blind the alien inside the room. So it’s not a fully developed worldbuilding concept. I just thought it was kind of cool that a miss with my fingers as I entered a room caused that cascade of thoughts to spill through my brain.

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Pony Stories 852

Beep boop.

  • Second Thoughts by President Dead
  • Wedding March by Carabas

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Movie: Kill Command

I just finished watching a cheesy scifi action movie on Netflix. It was called Kill Command. Team of military guys on island being hunted by robots. Good old fashion B-movie fun. If you want some shallow scifi action, can’t go wrong with this one. Got the jaded military veteran. Suspicious corporate scientist. Cool evil robot designs. Yeah, the robots were apparently totally designed to be evil. Then they went evil! Who could have anticipated that?

Minor spoilers below:

My favorite part is when they finally find out why the robots are rampaging like they are. The test to see how well they do against human military forces? They forgot to put a end condition. So the AI is just continuing to do the live-fire exercise to learn how to defeat humans. To the point of hacking the com system to order a more experienced squad to come to the island for ‘training’ just to get more experience in the exercise. Just such a realistic way for things to get fucked. That will probably be how actual military robots end humanity if it happens. Some programmer will forget to put the ‘stop killing when enemy is dead’ subroutine in the software and so the robots will just keep going.

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April 10, 2018

Because I couldn’t think of a title, of course. Haven’t been reading much. Reread a few ponyfics. Enjoyed them about as much as I did the first time. Nothing major.

Current first world problem is that I sold one of my indie D&D books. My take away after PayPal’s cut and my mother’s 10% (which I gave her because it was her account and jeeze she’s my mom) I’ve got 250 bucks to spend. Which is a problem because I run into this every time I get a bunch of money in a lump sum. There is a good amount of stuff I’d love to buy. Art commissions, D&D stuff, etc, etc. I always have a struggle in deciding what to get though. Since I don’t know when the next time I’ll get a bunch of spending money is I don’t want to waste this chance. So… Brain just kind of hangs indecisively.

This, basically:








My brain is two nerds trying to decide on something.

Gave in to temptation and got a new game on Steam. Lobotomy Corporation | Monster Management Simulation. Sort of a SCP base building/mangement game it looks like.

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Ready Player One, part two

Just finished reading through the original story again. Now I can say for sure that the movie is the better version. Turns out several things I remembered from reading the book the first time were just things my brain came up with while reading it, apparently. That and I suspect that three years of reading primarily My Little Pony fan fiction has given me a bit more perspective on how good fan wankery can be. If you haven’t read the book you should see the movie first. If you really, really liked the movie but think it needed less character development and more 80s references then you should read the book. Otherwise just watch the movie.

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