19 Jul

These small dragon-like humanoids are found nearly everywhere. They travel in small clans on primative, but very well constructed ships. They are mostly miners who stay in a crystal sphere for months or years mining asteroids or moons or planets before piling into the ship to head off somewhere else. Kobold mythology says that they are descended from dragons and the older clans claim they were part of the huge draconian empire hundreds of years ago. They are hard workers but don’t seem to have any talent for art or beauty.

Kobolds, in apparent contradiction to their claim of dragon heritage, are very anti-magic. They have no spellcasters of any kind and their shamans are expert in counterspells and dispelling enchantments. For all of their small nature and crude (by other race’s standards) culture, they are often sought out for dealing with magical catastrophes.

The clans can be identified by the type of hat each one wears. Everyone in a clan wears the same hat. So you get the Tophat clan, the Beret clan, and so on.

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Posted by on July 19, 2011 in Monsters


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