Pony Short Stories 19

24 Aug

Let’s see how many we can cram into this post. I can almost see the end of the list of short stories I’ve been reading. Beware, lots of pony below.

A Muddy Hole by Powered By Tea

Short character study of Rarity. Well done, ties in with the events of the show in a minor fashion, but no deep worldbuilding or meaning. Highly recommended, but I don’t think it’ll be a reread.

The Rate Is Too Darn High! by Alaborn

Another fun look at mixing modern concepts with a silly cartoon show fantasy land. Namely, how the adventures of the mane six would have major effects on the insurance rates in Ponyville.

Shorts by Cold in Gardez
(I’m Afraid of Changeling (and other short stories) by Cold in Gardez)

Each of these are around a thousand words and wall of them are wonderful. This author is a highly skilled writer and this is really the best demonstration of it. An immense range of stories are present here. Comedy, horror, slice of life, sad, sweet, everything between. It is marked incomplete and I hope that is because he has more of these he wants to do and not just because he is leaving it open for more inspiration later.

Lost Cities by Cold In Gardez

Found out that the author added two more sections to this. An earth pony city (yay) and the old capital city of Equestria in the Everfree forest. They aren’t quite as good as the previous two, but that’s like saying 9,999,99 is not quite as big a number as 10,000,000. It’s just a matter of degree and I didn’t get quite the same feeling of legendary scale from these is all.

A Royal Canterlot Wedding: Deleted Scenes by Raugos

Eh, not bad, not great. Felt like a whole lot of padding honestly. Just plain dull for the most part. No stand out characters, no interesting worldbuilding ideas, no real depictions of events from the show. It felt like this was a collection of deleted scenes from the wedding finale that were deleted for a reason. I was really hoping for something a bit more impressive, something involving the two guards from Night Guards and a real reason Luna wasn’t present during the invasion.

Maiden Flight by Cold in Gardez

Sweet story. Well written, as is everything this author puts up. This is one of the fanfic authors that should be making a living with their writing talents. This one is just a slice of life that lets us see Rainbow Dash being a mentor to someone. Nice seeing Rainbow Dash being a expert in her field of skill without being aloof or overly arrogant.

Look Right Through Me by Zakkyhooves

This was a incredibly sweet romantic story. Will have to look for more Ditzy fanfics now that this one has gotten me interested in the character. A little heavy handed emotionally in places, but done in a way that works because it seemed that it was deliberately heavy-handed because that is what the character is experiencing. Panic attacks aren’t exactly subtle after all. Really wish this one was longer. It is a perfect example of a slice of life that I’d like to see continue. Not because I want to see what happens next, or have a plot advanced, but simply because I’d like to spend more time with these characters as they go through everyday events.

Falling Petals by BronyWriter

This is a extremely sad story. Pretty much the opposite of the previous sweet story. Not as brutal as I was expecting given the description, but that’s mostly because I have a pretty dark version of Discord in my head. Even with it being softer than I expected it was still something of a emotional kick to the gut.

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