Pony Short Stories 21

26 Aug

I think I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully it’s not a train, and hopefully it’s not on fire. Just two more long posts and I’ll be caught up with my reading material. Which is due more to my pony fanfic reading starting to trail off than anything else. Just haven’t been finding stories at quite the same level of excellence lately. Even ran across what I’d call a bad one, which was a first. That bad one is not one of the ones below. As mentioned, my posting is lagging behind my reading a bit.

Going Different Ways by Aray

Sweet story, as many of the non-sex romance fanfics are. A snapshot of a bittersweet, but not sad, romantic moment between Twilight Sparkle and Applejack. Which has been a favorite pairing of mine since Yours Truly. Also fond of Rarity and Applejack as well. Really it comes down to how good a story presents it more than any particular personal preference. This story would be a great seed for a much longer one.

Do Not Serve These Ponies by Thanqol

Speaking of Yours Truly, here is a comedic piece by the same author as that one. This is a very silly adventure story. Would make a awesome MLP movie in fact. Very funny with many very sweet moments as well. I could totally see this story happening in the show, though it would be three or four episodes that involved almost none of the mane six. Had a great blend of fantasy and modern absurdism with just a sprinkling of surreal horror.

The Cost Of Life by Softy8088

Eh, kind of a mixed reaction to this one. It involves a bit of suspense, but I stumbled across a spoiler when reading the comments for the story to see how readers liked it. So the big impact of the story was missing. Well written, but didn’t grab me at all.

Third Time’s a Charm by RazedRainbow

Another sweet romance story. A bit slow paced, but I would use this as a example of how to do slowly building emotions right. Not perfect, but better than a few of the stories I’ve been reading lately. Good example of a story where nothing really happens, but isn’t exactly a slice of life.

The Trouble with Phoenixes by Cold in Gardez

Another incredible funny story from Cold In Gardez. I will pretty much read nearly anything he puts out. This one could easily be a episode of the show.

Salvation by Cold in Gardez

Holy crap. Not the transcendental experience reading Eternal was, but this was one of the most emotional stories I’ve read. Not in how it affected me, but in the depth and complexity of the characters in the story. Their emotions and reactions to things are more nuanced in how they are presented. This one is frackin’ incomplete, which I didn’t notice when I downloaded it. Which makes me really frustrated given how much I enjoyed reading it. I want the rest of the story now!

It’s got very explicit sex scenes, but given that one main character has self-loathing issues wrapped up in meaningless sex and the other main character is struggling with the end of a intense personal relationship, none of the sex scenes stand out as gratuitous. I still skimmed most of them though. Don’t really want detailed descriptions of sex while enjoying a deeply emotional story. Would have skipped them entirely except that most of them involved fairly important character development.

Thunderstruck by device heretic

And now another near perfect gem from the author who gave us Eternal. He really needs to write more for me to read. This one is about 80% worldbuilding about how pegasi view the sky, about 20% romance. Well, that breakdown by content. Thematically those numbers are probably flipped. There is no dialogue or really anything happening except a pegasi falling from the sky and you don’t even find out why until near the end. Though it is only 3k words long so near the end isn’t too far from the start.

This is another great example of unusual storytelling in that the whole thing is a single internal monologue during a single moment in time. Now I want to read a full length story about the romance hinted in this, maybe a sequel too.


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2 responses to “Pony Short Stories 21

  1. InquisitorM

    February 21, 2016 at 4:02 pm

    Okay, I have to ask, at what point does the ‘depth and complexity of the characters’ start in Salvation? I told myself I would read it when it’s complete, but I’m in chapter 4 and I haven’t found any plot yet, or any real emotions other than the giant stick of great shame which is trying to slap me in the face.

    I’ve watched porn with more story than this, and this isn’t really more than porn to start with. Not sure how much more I can stomach before I quit.

    • Griffin

      February 22, 2016 at 12:39 pm

      It’s been so long that I can’t remember precise details. I don’t remember any great variation of quality so if you aren’t liking it I’d recommend just stopping because it probably won’t be getting much better.

      I fully admit that it might be another example of how my brain often edits in details that add depth and complexity that are not actually present in the story. It wouldn’t be the first time (or the tenth) that I enjoy what I think is a great story and someone else points out it kind of sucks and I realize that almost all the good parts were assumptions my mind made that don’t actually have any support or basis in the story itself. I’m planning on re-reading it again now that this version is done and I’ll see if I agree with you.


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