Pony Stories 44

19 Oct

More pony fan fiction! Nothing spine-grabbing in this batch. Even some I really didn’t like, but at least it’s not boring stuff I paid for. Every time I decide I should read some actual published original work I find myself stopping to think ‘I could pay for this and take a chance, or I could just go try a new fanfic and not spend any money on a better chance of enjoying it’ and I find myself heading right back to to see if any of the stories I’m waiting for has finished up.

Daring DONE! by Aragon
Delightfully silly. Had me laughing almost as much as Martial Bliss. This is another story told through letters between characters and pulls it off quite well. Was very funny seeing Celestia and Luna totally going cliche fangirl in different ways. Seeing fan fiction poking gentle fun at fans and fandom is extremely amusing when done well. Just checked the story again and the author put in a short second chapter which is wasn’t edited for quality, but still funny as heck.

The Chicken Goddess by Mr101
A Another silly story. Just what the description promises, nothing deep, just crazy chickens chasing Scootaloo around wanting to save their goddess from other ponies corrupting her. This would make a fun little animated short, or as a running secondary gag in a full episode of the show.

Iron Princess Competition by MidnightDancer
A bit fluffy and average. The previous two stories I read were silly fun, but had a touch of wit and/or absurdity that elevated them up out of being too shallow. There wasn’t anything like that here. I’ve been missing having cool worldbuilding ideas from the fan fiction I’ve been reading. Been missing it for a while, but some of the better stories have been distracting me, but that is one of the reasons I really enjoyed reading the excellent fanfics for MLP. Filling in the world that people see in the barely there kid’s cartoon. Character studies included.

Hearth’s Warming Eve: A Princess Promenade by Cloud Wander
Some good ideas/scenes, but most of it was simpy too slow and several parts were clumsy. Another victim of trying to write a story in the same fashion that a episode of the show tells a story. This would be much better as an episode, but suffers quite a bit as text. Many moments that would be pretty good visually are awkward and/or dull here. Also not enough internal perspectives from the characters to bridge actions together.

The Face Takers by shortskirtsandexplosions
Well, that was different. A horror story that doesn’t have a whole lot of MLP in it. Has plenty of creepy horror though. Glad I didn’t read this at night, or just before a long walk home in the dark. Not sure if it would be as good as a original story though. A lot of the creepyness comes from the contrast between the darkness and that the events are happening to the Crusaders, the innocently sweet kids in a already fluffy kid’s cartoon. Very effective. This author is a really good writer. One bit is still rolling around in my head and I hope it stops bothering me soon.

Fixing Up Miss Smartypants by Arkensaw Pinkerton
Good story. Humor and romance. A little ambitious, the story is simply too convoluted at times and a bit slow to start. I would rather a story be too ambitious and fall a bit short than bland, however. Which is why I liked this one a lot better than Princess Promenade, which was about as good from a technical standpoint. Not a read again, but this was a pretty fun story. Just relied a bit too much on everyone not just jumping to wrong conclusions, but to specific wrong conclusions to maintain long chains of mistaken assumptions that build on each other in a very slow fashion.

Taking a Breather by Timaeus
Sweet romantic story. Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash. Not one of my favorite pairings, but well written enough that I liked reading it. Another one I wish there was more story continuing after the end. As with all good beginning of a romance stories, I would like to follow the relationship in longer slice of life stories.

Old Friends by RBDash47
This was a interesting one. Well written, but another one that didn’t feel much like MLP to me. Giving Celestia a normal life seems like diminishing her somehow. Several stories have given her a childhood, but they’ve always been from the angle of it being a brief moment of normal life before becoming the semi-divine ruler she is today. This story simply has her as a normal, if important, pony up to the present day. Which you need for this story, but I think it would have been more interesting with a different character. Or as a completely original story instead of trying to attach it to MLP. Still, very well written and manages to be vague without being either confusing or a mystery.

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