Pony Stories 47

19 Nov

A bit of catch-up. I read and wrote about these stories a while back, but went through a lull where I wasn’t reading much so I only had a couple and it feels odd to be posting one of these sorta-review posts with only a couple of short stories.

Saros: The First Dream by shortskirtsandexplosions

Cool story. Interesting that is a nice example of mythic storytelling. Yet it wasn’t that great a example of worldbuilding. Almost nothing in the story can be used to add depth to the world of MLP. It’s a good peek into Princess Luna, but it barely touches the world as a whole. Good exploration of the duality of dreams, the idea that people need bad dreams as well as good dreams to be happy when they are awake.

This author has incredible range. It is a pity they aren’t making a living writing fiction.

The Princess of Books by anowack

Another story about Princess Luna not used to modern times. Though done a lot better than a lot of stories like this. It’s all the results of that situation and only lightly comments on the fact that the situation is because of Luna not having been around for a thousand years. Given the matter at hand, a book that Princess Luna doesn’t like, it neatly avoids being at all preachy. The focus of the story is all about Princess Twilight Sparkle dealing with being a newly ascended Alicorn Princess. It was a fun romp that hit all the characters perfectly and I wish it had been longer. Would love to read more slice of life stuff about Twilight dealing with being a princess. Mostly because I know that when the next season of the MLP show starts, it won’t have much of that. Sure there will probably be one or more episodes about various ‘I am a princess now’ situations, but fan fiction does rambling slice of life stories a lot better than a single episode of a half-hour television show.

Paper Tigers by MidnightDancer

Great story. Pretty short, even shorter than a lot of the fanfics I’ve been reading. This had just a opening scene, and a main scene, both just brief vignettes. It covers something in MLP that I’ve thought about off and on. Why does a seemingly immortal, probably powerful, alicorn ruler-goddess need guards for? Or why does she send other ponies to deal with problems that she could easily handle herself? This story addresses that subject in a way that I’ve been assuming. Celestia sums it up neatly to Twilight Sparkle in this story: ‘When gods fight, it is mortals who suffer’.

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