Pony Stories 50

22 Nov

Huh. I remember (vaguely) when I hit 50 posts on this blog. Now I’ve got 50 posts of a single subject. Guess just chipping away at posting adds up after a while. Anyway, back to batponies. As of writing this post I’ve gotten through all the stories I’m planning to read, think I read about 2/3rds of them, not counting the ones I started and didn’t finish. Also stuck to just the fanfics I could download from since getting epubs to read on my kindle is the easiest way for me to read. So gotten through all the ones I’m going to read and voted on my three top ones. Be interesting to see if any of them get the top spot when the contest is wrapped up. Another fun trivia fact. My library of pony fanfiction I’ve read is nearly 300 stories large. All with edited metadata and downloaded covers from fimfiction that I had to do manually. I really like organizing things.

Establishing Luna’s Royal Guard by Zeck

A very straightforward story. Luna finding the batponies, the reaction to Luna’s exile, then her return. Three moments in time bracketing the batponies history. This was more like I was expecting for the majority of the stories for this contest. Bits of this might get added to the headcanon. Two of the themes running through several of these fanfics are tradition and myth. Both of which I really enjoy in stories I like.

Absolutely Batty by NotARealPonydotcom

Fun story. Really wish this was the first chapter of a longer one. I’d love to spend more time with these characters and too much backstory that needs space to explore. This is a perfect set-up for a slice of life romance of the type I enjoy.

Nightshift by AlwaysDressesInStyle

Silly slice of life with Blueblood’s bodyguard. Not a whole lot of batpony, but that wasn’t a problem. Just wasn’t much focus on the main character being a batpony. Interesting bit about batponies being left out of the traditional Hearth’s Warming Eve play. Suggesting that in the old days there was more than three different kinds of ponies. Which has all sorts of fun implications for worldbuilding. What other tribes might have been forgotten, shunned?

The twist with Blueblood at the end felt really flat. Didn’t really change much of anything, since either way Blueblood is being a inconsiderate asshole, and it didn’t reveal anything interesting. Good story, but not one I would vote for. Going to check for more by this author though. If you take the twist at the end out this was a really fun story.

Batpony Quarantine by nucnik

Very interesting story. Involves almost nothing of MLP, well, no proper nouns anyway. Yet it still felt like pony fan fiction. The best part was the premise. That a entire town would go into hiding when Nightmare Moon and Celestia fought, assuming that even if Celestia won a battle between divine alicorns would leave the world a ruined wasteland. So the ponies in the hidden town have never even tried to leave their cave after the main entrance collapses soon after they move there. I will be adding something like this to my pony headcanon worldbook I occasionally work on. From a RPG perspective it is a perfect way to add odd characters into the mix. Long-lost villages of some kind.

Nightmare Life by MusicMagic131

The quality of the writing in this story is rough in places. I half suspect that English is not the author’s first langauge, but it could be that the author was simply trying to be clever with the writing and didn’t quite hit what he was aiming for. The story is a good one with a interesting take on the subject matter. That the batpony main character is a unique creature created through mad science and/or alchemy. The end of the story is abrupt and taken at face value, incredibly brutal and depressing. This author is one I want to check for more stories despite the rough writing. Plus a sequel to give this a more upbeat ending would be really nice.

I, Witness by LoyalLiar

Another interesting one. Batponies that aren’t a type/tribe of pony. Plus a interesting look at how the night guard and the royal (day) guard might differ instead of just being the same at different times of day. Unlike many of the others, this story is long enough, and self-contained enough, that I’m not really wanting more. The characters were well-written, but I don’t really feel like there is more to explore or anything else to be said after the story finishes up.

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