Pony Stories 51

23 Nov

Feels just like old times. Backlog of story thoughts to type up numbered in the dozens. Actually having the content to put out a post every day. Reading a half-dozen short fanfics a day. Pity the level of quality isn’t all that high, on average. Oh well. Getting some good writing instruction in the ‘how not to do it’ vein. Seeing different ways to mess up is pretty educational.

Shadowtrotter: Arbitrary Batastrophic Constellations. by Blue Pen

Shadowrun and My Little Pony, two great tastes that go great together? Or maybe not. The story doesn’t blend the two source materials together as nicely as Fallout: Equestria did, but that is a impossible standard to measure up to. Wasn’t sure about this mix at first, but by the end I was enjoying it. The author needs more practice, I never really got immersed, but it had good ideas. This was mostly a Shadowrun story with just a sprinkle of pony in it. Will be checking to see if there are more stories set in this universe because I’d like to read more about, well, Shadowtrotters. Not really a batpony story, so it won’t be getting a vote for the contest.

A Lost Diamond in the Rough by Umi Chou

Ow. Couldn’t even get halfway through this. A combination of telling instead of showing, trying to tell the story like the show uses visual cues, and just plain bad writing. Didn’t even see a good story in there before I had to escape.

Common Misconceptions of the Equine Bat by Harric Mills

Neat story. Reads more like the start of a story than being a complete one itself. IT would be great as a lead-in to something more, but is only okay by itself. Gets major points for having a writing lesson/demonstration in the first part of the story, and the format of a journalist writing up an article was extremely well handled.

The Monster of Cane’s Hill by ArgonMatrix

Interesting story. A bit of Lovecraft, a good chunk of Frankenstein, and a touch of MLP. Quite good, but could have been a little longer. Good story, but not enough batpony worldbuilding to make it one of my three votes. Still, it is going into the read again pile.

Night guards origins by Wissle

Fairly typical, at least by this point of reading so many batpony stories. Princess Luna discovers batponies, makes them the Nightguard, then they swear to be loyal to the thrones when she gets exiled. It had some emotional impact in it, and it was written well, but still felt a bit flat overall. This story, I think, turns out to be a much more subtle lesson in writing, more precisely the idea of show, don’t tell. In this story (which is written as if it is being written down as a letter by the point of view character) we hear about the batponies swearing to serve Princess Celesia once Princess Luna is banished. In -Genealogy – (or the Mating Habits of Nocturnes Pegasi)- and associated stories we get to hear the specific oath the batponies swear when that happens. Which makes those stories much stronger because the wording of the oath says so much about the situation and the batponies themselves and their outlook on things. So this was a good story, but not a vote contender.

Capes and Crusaders by Starhunter

The best thing about MLP is that it has wonderful empty places for fans to fill in. All the show gives us is that Princess Luna went crazy and was banished to the moon for a thousand years, and when she returned we see a single example of bat-winged ponies pulling her chariot. This story has a lot of now typically elements. Batponies served Luna, but were either exiled or hiding since she was banished. The only interesting bit in this story is the idea that batponies have natural magic to shape and manipulate stone in the same fashion that pegasi can manipulate clouds. It doesn’t get explored, but it is a cool concept.

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