Pony Stories 53

25 Nov

This will wrap up the batponies. I voted several days ago, actually almost a week by the time this post actually goes live. Almost like time travel writing something up, typing it up days later, then scheduling it to actually show up on the blog days after that, all to be read who knows how far into the future. Yet I keep using tenses as if these words could be fixed in a specific point in time. Which all adds up to… I shouldn’t write these little intro blurbs just after watching Doctor Who.

Nocturna Eternal by SweetieBotError

Good story. Big difference from the last few. Wish it was longer, but that’s typical for a really good short story. This is another one that feels like the first chapter of a longer work. I want to know what happens next and will be seeing of the author wrote any more in this world.

Super Trampoline the Bat Pony’s Day As Presented Through Various Writing Paradigms by Super Trampoline

Interesting. As a story it doesn’t quite work, but as a experiment it is very impressive. Seeing an author try to do something like this is always a joy. It won’t get one of the three votes for the contest, but I’m glad I got to read it. Will have to see if the author wrote more conventional stories I would enjoy.

Secluded by Innit

Simple story, but good. Basically the same premise as Mottled Shadow, but so much better written. End is a bit simplistic, but keeping in the spirit of MLP so it wasn’t nearly as jarring as the previously mentioned work. This is the last batpony story for the contest I read. Voted about two days before the contest ended, since I was pretty sure the last handful would grab me given the slow downward slide of quality from the beginning. Now I just have to wait to see how my tastes match up with the mainstream fandom and see which stories come out on top for the contest.

The First of Many by NotARealPonydotcom

Trying stories by the batpony authors I liked, trying to branch out and try new stuff. Anything to stop from going back to mainstream long-form fiction I guess. This was a very sweet story. The tale of Shining Armor’s first date with Cadance told as a story to help Twilight Sparkle relax for her first date. A bit too much modern stuff, it felt like a alternate real world instead of MLP in some places, not quite hitting that sweet spot that MLP maintains between fluff fantasy and real world parody. Still, a very fun read. Won’t be as good as what I’ll get when the Cadance Of Cloudsdale gets to that part of their relationship, but that is going to be far in the future given the glacial rate that series is coming out. I should find more Twilight Sparkle romance stories. She is just so much fun in awkward and stressful social situations. Something about nervious emotions match very well with her personality quirks.

Never too Shy to Love by True Blood

This was a slightly longer story. Sweet romance, but it did drag a bit in places. Lots of internal monologue thinking in circles scenes that don’t go anywhere. Not quite as polished as some others I’ve read as well. Think the author depicted Fluttershy as too nervious and shy here. Her emotional reactions (or non-reactions) were just a little too extreme in places. On the whole the author did a good job writing the personalities of the mane six ponies. Got their personalities close to what they are like in the show, but not quite hitting them on the nose.


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2 responses to “Pony Stories 53

  1. bchandler2

    May 15, 2014 at 9:36 am

    (Super Trampoline here) I find it highly amusing that my worst-rated story is the only one of mine reviewed. I find it more surprising that I’m on here at all. I guess I’m moving up in the fimfiction world.

    I suspect the reason this story got downvote bombed is due to its General Zoi’s Ponymaker-esque cover and premise. I’m glad you took the time to look through it.

    I write a lot of dumb random comedies, but occasionally I produce something less fluffy and more serious. I personally would be very interested in your opinion of my popular (very) short changeling story White Spaces:

    • Griffin

      May 15, 2014 at 10:18 am

      I’ll add it to the read sometime soon list. Mostly that one story was grabbed by both people I’ve got review links for because it was in the contest. So, guess that means the contest worked? Got people reading stuff they wouldn’t have stumbled across themselves.


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