Pony Stories 56

07 Dec

Reading at a slow, but steady pace. Once again, doing it as a group post because for the most part I don’t have much to say about each one individually.

Old Friends by GrassAndClouds2

This was fun. Really wish there was more Lunaverse stories to read. Can’t wait until more of the season 2 stories are finished up and I can dive right back into them. Was such a refreshing change from the long (really, really, really long) story I just gave up. This was paced briskly, had plenty of humor, and had both ongoing character development and well-done flashback sections. Lunaverse Cherilee is still one of my favorite MLP characters, and this just reinforces that.

The Wind Thief by Cold in Gardez

This author remains one of my favorites. He is a good writer who has succeeded at comedy, adventure, drama, and several other genres of story. This story is a cross of My Little Pony and Skyrim, and he pulls it off very well. Not a extension of MLP like Fallout Equestria was, but more of telling a Skyrim story using the kingdom of Equestria and some MLP characters. It is a very nice blending of both source materials, with the themes of MLP and the atmosphere of Skyrim. The author is working on a sequel that I hope gets finished sometime soon. This story further convinces me that the best length for a story is around the 20-60 wordcount mark. For longer stories a series of the shorter works is the way to go. I loved Fallout Equestria as a massive 600k words masterpiece, but it is basically just lots of smaller stories connected together as one huge epic. It could easily be a half-dozen novels instead of one huge story, and in fact is somewhat structured that way with five internal ‘books’. It would have been just as good (maybe better?) if it was released as 8 or so 60k short works with a big double-length finale. Longer stories just seem to lose themselves in the padding of trying to stretch events over a longer page/word count. Or I might just be biased because that’s the length of stories I’ve been writing recently. Hard to tell chicken from egg at this point.

The Lantern by Cold in Gardez

This was pretty good, but not really my thing. This is probably on the lower end of the quality for this author. Decent, but not a read again. Was avoiding this one for a while because I haven’t really been in the mood for a horror story, but this was really tame and turned out to not be worth the avoidance/build-up.

Tonight by Echos of a Dream

Character study of Princess Luna that doesn’t quite manage it. It is a little vague and a little too focused. It’s just a brief back-and-forth conversation between Luna and a mysterious guest (who we never learn the identity of sadly) that doesn’t really reveal all that much. I think that slice of life stories are much better for character studies than this sort of thing, simply because revealing a character indirectly is much more effective than trying to do the explore through conversation thing. Though a good author can pull off any specific execution of a idea.

A Sister’s Work by CesareBlanc

This was interesting. Sweetie Bell being a robot is one of the odder alternate universe versions of MLP, one I’ve seen in the description of a few other fanfics, but this is the first one I ran across that involved it. Though it is kept semi-secret for most of the story. Very short story though so that’s not long. The most interesting thing is that the story doesn’t really indicate one way or another if the whole robot thing is a secret or not. The princesses know, because they apparently got asked permission, but there is a slight implication that it is kept hidden as well. So it could go one way or the other.

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