Pony Stories 57

12 Dec

Actual people reading what I put here, even commenting. That’s going to take some getting used to. Just want to warn you that I post stuff here pretty much randomly, so sometimes will go quite a while without much new stuff. Especially since I’m thinking about cutting back my book review-things with the start of the new year. Otherwise, enjoy my half-coherent ramblings. Oh, one more thing. I’ve got to manually approve comments because all I’ve gotten until very recently was spam, so don’t expect them to show up right away. On to the backlog of pony fanfics I’ve been reading.

Or not, quick revision since I got linked to by One Man’s Pony Ramblings between writing this up and it going live. Figured I should put some kind of exposition here about things here abouts. I try to be coherent, but to call these reviews might be a bit generous. I try to be coherent, but these (and all previous 300 or so) of these are basically my thoughts right after finishing up the story in question. Meant mostly as a reminder to myself if I want to know what I thought about a story sometime down the line and can’t remember, rather then a recommendation or proper review.

Apple Family Values by Lapis-Lazuli

Sweet story. Another one in the Scootaloo is a orphan genre, but very well done. Nothing major, just nicely written slice of life of Scootaloo joining the Apple family. Going to be checking out more of this author’s stories.

Rise from the Ashes by ArgonMatrix

Good, but one thing that tweaked me. Started out strong. I do like the concept of how the two Princesses compliment each other. Celestia as the intellect and Luna as the wisdom, among other traits for them both. It is something not a lot of stories comment on, but the few that do are quite good. All in all this story is another look at immortality and the pain Celestia must have felt when she banished her sister. Almost cliché at this point, but this story does a good job exploring it.

Musical Relations by Lapis-Lazuli

Well, still can’t get used to explicit sex in a pony fanfic. It’s where my sense of disbelief starts to break down, where the fact that they are ponies with hooves starts clashing. This one had more of that than a lot of fanfics. The characters were written with what is basically bipedal body language, even outside the sex scenes, and that kept poking me with a touch of annoyingness. Still, good romance story. Just wish is was less erotic and more sweet. Still planning on checking out the sequel to see if it continues to be good. Still going to be skimming the sex scenes, however, since they didn’t really have much to do with plot or character development.

Where Loyalties Lie: Honor Guard by LoyalLiar

This was pretty cool. Had the same problem as some of the recent ones of the pacing was off. I like fairly dense stories, and this one was fluffy. Not anywhere near as bad as Project Horizons, but it did seem a bit padded here and there. Some of the scenes felt just like it was moving things from the last bit of the plot to the next bit of the plot. Plus it did feel like the plot was just bouncing along. Several points I got a bit lost because it felt like the leap from one thing to another was pretty much just ‘because the author wants it to’ instead of growing organically from the characters. But that is fairly minor. It was a good action/adventure story and I look forward to reading the rest of the big picture story when the other ‘books’ of it get finished.

It did have one cool worldbuilding element. Well, two actually, but the big one is that each of the sentient races had a god-like ruler like Princess Celestia and that each race had its own afterlife that their ruler judged and sent them to. So every pony that dies in sunshine comes before Princess Celestia and is shown the way to the afterlife, and Princess Luna does the same for every pony that dies during the night. The other worldbuilding bit was that the Griffon king is the one that creates and controls the wind. Just like Celestia and Luna control the heavens. Which fits in perfectly with my own headcanon ideas of different nations controlling different parts of the world. Other bits that got worked in was Shining Armor being the most powerful unicorn in the Royal Guard, and that is a titled position that has certain benefits like wearing a unique suit of magical armor. I had almost finisned the story when I realized that the name of the armor meant it was from the royal line of the unicorns from before the three tribes joined to found Equestria. So that was cool. Got to love worldbuilding details so subtle that you don’t realize they are worldbuilding until way after they are introduced. Just the fact that the armor of the noble unicorn bloodline has become the symbol of the most powerful magic-user in the guard implies a lot of history and tradition that is never brought up directly. That’s how you do worldbuilding properly.

A New Perspective by ArgonMatrix

Neat little short. Nothing to spectacular in here, just a nice moment between Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. Pretty much what you get is what the book description promises.

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far by ArgonMatrix

At this point, I think the show is probably safest not addressing the Apple family parents at all. There is so much very well written fan fiction about what happened to Applejack’s parents that anything the show revealed would be anti-climatic. Plus, if they are revealed to be still alive, well, then those well-written bits of fan fiction are just pushed to the side. So I think they should just leave that alone for now. This story was a well written story about Big Macintosh on Father’s Day. I think he is one of my favorite characters. The show has so little to say about him that fanfic authors can just run with it and many of them do wonderful things with the character.

To Make a Spark by Chris

This is written by the guy who does the fanfic review blog that got me into reading MLP fan fiction in the first place. I believe this is the first story of his that I’ve read. He doesn’t write much, and the few works of his I’ve run across didn’t really catch my attention. This story, however, is wonderful. A wonderfully written look into young Cadance, brushing up against her becoming a alicorn without actually saying it. Not to mention brushing against relationships in general and Celestia’s sadness over banishing Luna. Not to mention the best look at Cadance’s ability to give the spark of love that doesn’t make it some kind of blunt instrument like the show kinda implies.


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3 responses to “Pony Stories 57

  1. Present Perfect

    December 12, 2013 at 8:41 am

    Oh yes, the eyes of the multitudes are upon you! (I’ll be posting a link to this blog when next I post my own reviews… which should probably be today.)

    I might just have to read To Make a Spark soon (I tend to read the oldest things in my list first), just because it seems to have garnered an awful lot of praise, not to mention I really want to know what the blog Chris wrote about it is about.

  2. Chris

    December 12, 2013 at 6:43 pm

    Thank you for the kind words about my story! And I hope you don’t mind that I pointed a few people your way–I enjoyed tracking through your “half-coherent ramblings,” and I think the note-to-self style makes them feel a bit more personal despite their brevity.

    @PP: If you’re seeing a lot of praise for it, I suspect it’s because I get a disproportionate number of thoughtful comments and reviews. That, I think, stemming from the fact that I’m better known as a reviewer than as an author at this point. There’s always some fun to be had in “reviewing the reviewer,” as it were.

    Not that I’m complaining, if it means people offering advice and/or praise!

    • Griffin

      December 13, 2013 at 10:12 am

      Thank you for writing such a good story. I don’t mind linking me, just a bit of a shock glancing at the blog one day and actually having other people seeing it. Especially when I haven’t done anything to advertise the blog’s presence or anything.


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