Pony Stories 59

14 Dec

There we go, all caught up. Well, other than the master 2013 list of stories read over there on the right. That’s waaay behind. I think the main reason I’m cutting back on the review-type posts in the coming year is simply so I have more energy to keep the have read list more up to date.

Also, for my two new readers, if you’ve got a kindle or otherwise can read amazon ebooks, I’ve actually got a pair of stories on Amazon. Here and Here. One scifi another fantasy. Kind of. I don’t really do the genre thing, so the classification is kind of wibbly-wobbly. If either one sounds worth taking a chance on, remember you can return ebooks within a week of purchase for a full refund.

Follow-up to Daring Done! and just as hilarious. This author really knows how to do humor, at least this type of humor. The ever esclating situation told entirely in letters had me rolling around laughing. Hope there is a epilogue added in later like the last book

Daring Do and the Dance by Georg

Fun little story. Ends as if it is a letter, but starts out as if it is the minion telling someone a story. Just a minor quibble. Sweet little romance between a hero and one of the minions she keeps beating up. Though there is very little in the story to indicate that the romance goes both ways. I like to think it is though, just because I like the whole idea of professional and personal lives being seperate like that. See my enjoyment of Skin Horse, Narbonic, and the old Adventurers! webomics. The idea that on the clock the villains and the hero battle for the fate of the world, but evenings and weekends they might hang out at the same bar and bitch about their bosses.

Pilgrimage by Pascoite

Sad, but sweet story. Another one dealing with the Apple family parents not being around. Think this one grabs me a bit more than most is that it hits the nail on the head for something I run into a lot. How do you deal with things that mean a lot to people you care about, but don’t have any emotional impact on you? It’s a subject I spend time thinking about on a regular basis. Still haven’t come up with a good solution, though the story has as happy an ending as possible given the subject matter.

Augh. I’ve got to stop reading Skyrwriter’s sad stories. This wasn’t as bad as Sun Princess (a incredible story I don’t think I’m ever going to read again) but this was certainly a tear-jerker. Has Equestria Girls content, but it was so minor that I’ve never seen the movie and I still grabbed all the important details. Alternative worlds/timelines are always fun to mess around with. In this case, the crossing of one universe where Applejack loses her parents and one where they are still around. Additionally, this author needs to stop writing this stories and get back to writing the Cadance Of Cloudsdale series.

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One response to “Pony Stories 59

  1. Pascoite Fics

    December 17, 2013 at 6:14 pm

    This is one of those ideas I get that are very concise, yet can be expressed at length. It’s the first time I was ever able to sit down and pour out a couple thousand words in just a few hours. It’s never happened since, and probably never will again. But I just loved this idea that Apple Bloom never knew her mother, which places her at odds with Applejack’s strong sense of family. I’m glad you enjoyed it!


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