Of Dice And Men

15 Dec

A casual look at the history of Dungeons & Dragons. Not bad, but most of the stuff presented here was stuff I had already known from following various blogs on the internet for the last two years. Several of them spending a lot of time looking back at the original D&D rules and the history surrounding them. Still, I’d recommend this book to someone who wants a starting point. My only real complaint is that the author uses his own experience with the most recent versions of D&D as the baseline to describe the game, and I’m a fan of the older stuff. So when he is talking about an old adventure with kobolds in it and describes them as small lizard people, well, that annoys me. In the old days kobolds were small dog people. Or when he says that Tieflings were introduced in the Planescape campaign setting, but only became a playable race in 4th edition, that really annoys me. Since they were a playable race when they were introduced. Most of that is just little stuff. Author writing style and nit-picky details. A fluffy book and (except for the Tiefling error) I didn’t notice any major inaccuracies.

Of Dice And Men by David M. Ewalt

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