Pony Stories 60

26 Dec

Only two stories this time. Reading fanfics has slowed down. Haven’t run into any well recommended stories that I’ve been interested lately. Mostly just waiting for any of the 70+ stories on my read later list to finish up. Finally finished the Lovecraft book, which I’ll be doing a longer post on later in the week. Probably a day or two after this one goes up. In other news, ponyfic authors need to stop putting extra chapters at the end of their stories after I’ve read them. I’m downloading them into Calibre to put them on my kindle, which involves putting in their tags, word counts, cover images, all that fun stuff. I like data input. But there is no way to swap out a story file that I know of, so if the author puts out a extra chapter I ahve to re-do all the metadata by hand. Which is somewhat annoying.

…yeah, that’s the scale of the problems in my life. Things are pretty boring here on my bit of reality. I should probably get back to working on my writing instead of complaining about what might be the most trivial problem in existence. Existence is a fun word to use. Onward to pony thoughts.

The Sun Burns Brightly by Eakin

I liked this story a lot. A interesting look at what could happen if Princess Celestia loses her temper. For a while I’ve wanted to see Celestia play the ‘I am a god’ card when someone gives her trouble. It also is good to see how Luna’s return might shake up the habits Celestia had fallen into during the last thousand years. She has no real equal without her sister around, after all. Even Princess Cadance is shown as being younger in flashbacks, so even if she’s as powerful as an alicorn she doesn’t have the thousand-plus years of life experience to draw on. So while her sister was gone, nobody was around to give Princess Celestia the occasional smack to the back of the head most everyone needs from time to time.

Escort Flight by Georg

Neat little holiday story. Nothing much to it, though Santa as a flying reindeer was pretty cool, not to mention I always enjoy time-manipulation magic even as a barely noticed throw-away idea. I’d recommend this one, but don’t expect it to stick around in my head. Do hope this author is still working on the other story of his I want to read. Pretty sure I’ve got one or two stories from him on my to read list that I’m waiting to get finished.

Starting on the Wrong Hoof by LDSocrates

This one was fun. A story in, not sure it counts as a genre, but type of story that I like. A little piece that explores what must have happened in a interesting way. Princess Cadance meeting Princess Luna for the first time. A alicorn who grew up in the modern age with only one peer trying to find a common ground with a alicorn from a much earlier time. Will have to see what else this author has written to see if the quality continues at this level or higher.


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2 responses to “Pony Stories 60

  1. Present Perfect

    December 26, 2013 at 9:46 am

    I love Angry Sun Goddess Celestia. 😀 Nothing makes a story more thrilling than watching her open up a can of divine whoop-ass on something that really needs it.

    • Griffin

      December 26, 2013 at 10:24 am

      I’m not sure that rock really deserved it. It was probably just minding it’s own business, being a rock in the palace garden, then BOOM! Now it’s a melted puddle.


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