Pony Stories 61

29 Dec

Almost to the end of the year. Means I should be catching up on my posting. Would like to go into the new year with all my reading material blog posts from this year already up. Three days, three posts. I can do this. Of course that means I can’t read anything new until the first. I think I can do that. I mean, what are the chances that anything on my fimfiction to read list will finish up before 2014? Ha, I say, ha!

Also, I’m writing this on the day I’m publishing it, but through the power of the internet it will be showing up earlier this morning! Or, you know, that’s what the timestamp should say. Want all my posts to be released at the same time and I’m running behind so I can’t just have it post tomorrow and still get all three posts for my reading out by the end of the year. So, I will have to twist time itself to my will.

In the Bleak Midwinter by Skywriter

Skywriter is still one of my favorite writers. I just wish he would get back to writing the story I really want him to finish, and not all this other silly stuff like high quality short stories, and the awesome Harshwhinny ask blog, and his actual webcomic. Once again, fanfic writers need to write what I want to read, not do silly things like having actual lives. Why can’t they consider the minor annoyances I go through as a casual reader of free online stories? ….aaaanyway, This was a good story. Not his best, but we run into the same problem as other really good authors. Skywriter is good enough that his bad days are better than most other authors great days. Has a interesting look at a version of the crystal ponies that seems almost Russian in how bleak an outlook they would have on life. Also taking the path that the crystal ponies are a different type of pony than the three (four?) that we have seen elsewhere. I think between this and the crystal barbarians in the Where Loyalties Lie universe, I’ll have to give them their own section in my rpg worldbook.

Luna Drops the Soap by Drakkith

Silly little story. Not nearly as good as Princess Celestia Hates Tea, but I’d put it in the same general category of absurdist slice of life humor. Goes a little overboard near the end, but I’m betting that was more or less the intention of the author. Fun piece of trivia: It has turned out to be kind of fun seeing how old stories are just from how big the number for the cover image is when I’m saving it to put into my ebook collection.

Obiter Dicta by GhostOfHeraclitus

Hooray for more civil service onies! Sure, just one of the stories here involves Dotted Line, but something is more than nothing. This is a author I really wish put out more stuff. Not a whole lot to say about this particular bit of work. Collection of short stories that is probably going to be added to in the future, since he’s marked it incomplete. Which is one of the few times I’ll willingly read a incomplete story, when it is really a collection of short little pieces that are more or less unrelated to each other. There isn’t much to say about this, other than all four stories (at time of reading) were all very good. I’d recommend this to anyone who was looking for some pony fanfic to read. Thinking about things in a broader view, I got to thinking and realized that I have two levels of headcanon. There’s the Equestria in my head, which I’ve been writing up as a tabletop rpg setting, which is a lot of the cool ideas crammed in my head from fan fiction plus my own wandering thoughts. Then there is the show headcanon, which consists of about 95% of the show and all the stuff I think happens around the edges of the show. In my head, the civil service ponies are totally show headcanon. Which leads me to wanting to see a show about Dotted Line and the civil service ponies that is The West Wing, but with cartoon ponies in a magical kingdom.


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2 responses to “Pony Stories 61

  1. DeftFunk

    January 5, 2014 at 1:04 pm

    Seems almost Russian.XD
    That’s messed up.

    • Griffin

      January 6, 2014 at 10:14 am

      I suspect that was kind of the intent, but it did have a few funny moments. If you like your humor a bit on the darker side.


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