Book: Fortune’s Pawn

30 Dec

Fortune’s Pawn (Paradox Series) by Rachel Bach

First mainstream fiction book I’ve read in a while. It reminded me why I’ve been sticking to fanfics for so long. It wasn’t bad, but certainly firmly in the mediocre section. Some interesting ideas, the concept for the main character was interesting, and there were cool worldbuilding bits. Yet the author never manages to make it all come together. He seems to ignore what I find interesting, and our big tough kick-ass heroine spends pretty much the entire book thinking about a guy. A lot of it comes down to the author has a good imagination, but no idea how to worldbuild. Which is the thing I look for in a book, so this one really felt flat. Plus the pacing is all screwed up. You could probably cut half of this book out, little bits here and there, and the story wouldn’t suffer a bit.

(spoilers below)

Plus the ending is her getting her memory wiped. Which, given that she didn’t accomplish anything, either ruins any character development she might have had (which was none) or will simply be undone during the next book which means it was pointless. The entire book could have been compressed down to the first act of a really interesting story. Or taking the main character’s backstory in a mercenary company as the first act, then this story compressed down to the second act, and whatever big finale the author has in mind for a finale. That would make a awesome first book of a series.

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One response to “Book: Fortune’s Pawn

  1. jbannick

    January 8, 2014 at 6:02 am

    Having just finished the book, I don’t agree at all. But probably because you and I enjoy different things.
    I liked the development of her relationships with the love interest and with her merc colleague. I liked the progressive revelation of the mystery that drives the story. I liked her scenes, the way they visualized. Bottom line, I looked forward to each time I had time to sit down and read the story.


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