Pony Stories 67

04 Feb

More pony stories. Bunch of short ones this time, no real deep thoughts or insightful insights. Though I have been thinking I might want to be a bit more regular in my posting. At least have a consistent day of the week I put these up. Nah, got to keep people guessing when my next rambling is going to happen. Keep you on your toes. Also I want to again complain about authors who update their stories with new chapters. I have to re-download and do data entry for my computer fanfic library software for the new versions. They really need to think about the minor inconvenience I suffer whenever they give me amazing fiction to read for free..

The Magician and the Detective by Bad Horse

Pretty good, not my kind of thing. Had a lot of Sherlock Holmes, not a whole lot of MLP. No mention of Pegasi for one, and a fairly lopsided version of pony magic. Sure, one can argue for or against earth ponies having their own type of magic, but even discounting that, surely Pegasi have some bearing on the whole Earth Pony/Unicorn class situation. Well-written story though. Bet a big Holmes fan would get a much bigger jolt from this.

The Life of Twilight by Just Horsing Around

Fun little bit. Reminded me a lot of the movie of Life Of Brian, at least the scene of the crowd shouting at him on the balcony. Which I’m guessing is probably a big inspiration for this story. This is almost the reverse of the previous story. Not quite as well written, but totally to my tastes so I really enjoyed it. Plus just a touch of fun worldbuilding in the opening paragraph pointing towards Twilight Sparkle having new Alicorn senses.

Opposites absolutely do NOT Attract! by Drizzle Quill

Ah, fun comedic metafiction. Cartoon ponies in fan fiction talking about fandoms. Lots of fun here, with Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash being total nerds at each other. I think this book is best summed up with a quote from near the beginning:
TS: “I never bothered to talk to other ponies who had read the books, I just read them and enjoyed them my own way”
RD: “You’re boring”

Shedding Anxiety by Just Horsing Around

Decent story, bit of good comedy, but nothing special. Not as good as the previous two comedies I enjoyed. Pretty good little snapshot of how Sweetie Bell and Rarity interact, subject matter aside. I think this is another one for the category of adding layers to characters, but other than that not much to take away from this. Not long enough to build up to a good punchline and the author doesn’t quite have the skill with language for fall-over funny lines. Worth the brief time you’ll spend reading it, but I don’t expect to reread it or remember it later.

I’m Afraid of Changeling (and other short stories) by Cold in Gardez – The Lotus Eaters

Not a new story, but a collection of very short stories that just got a new one. Normally wouldn’t comment on it, but given that it was a Friendship Is Optimal story (yeah, I guess that one is popping up everywhere) figured I would at least weight in on it. Especially after the collection of short stories it is based on that I’m going to read next. I would say that this story falls into the trap of mistaking what Celestia AI is doing. Drug addiction, even mental addiction instead of biological, wouldn’t really be satisfying values. Celestia AI doesn’t care about happiness except as a component of the larger picture. So this is very well written, as is most of Mr. Gardez’s work, but I would call it a poor Friendship Is Optimal story. I suspect the collection of FiO short stories I’m planning on reading next will probably have similar troubles.

Friendship is Optimal: All The Myriad worlds by Eakin

Some fun thought experiments. A collection of short stories, each one exploring a single pony’s world in the Optimalverse. Some of them fall short in my opinion. Not in writing quality, this being one of the authors I really like, but a few of them don’t quite fit into the universe. Several of them are edge cases, but I can see Celestia AI building them for ponies, but at least two of them fall a bit short on the friendship part of ‘Friendship and Ponies’ of Celestia AI’s core purpose. So, good writing, but this author’s view of things in this fanfic universe doesn’t quite match up with mine. Which is hardly a deal-breaker flaw given how good the writing is. I’d love to see more of these.

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