Pony Stories 70

13 Feb

I was thinking about the Hearth’s Warming Eve episode and had a thought. The play has the six ponies playing three pairs that were the rulers of each tribe of the ponies, basically playing a version of themselves. The three leaders and the three assistants. The leaders are all of those ponies flaws. Rainbow Dashes aggression, Rarity’s self-centeredness, Pinkie Pie’s craziness. The assistants were the other three ponies strengths. Fluttershy’s kindness, Twilight’s level-headedness, Applejack’s common sense. Just a interesting inversion is all.

Not really going anywhere with that observation, just wonder how deliberate it was. Did they plan out the parts and say these three are the idiots and these three are the reasonable ones? Or did they actually plan out the balance in more detail? Could we have had a Twilight leader who was so obsessed with research and detail balanced by assistant Rarity who took care of the social things with a sense of empathy? Or dour workaholic Applejack unwilling to listen to ponies she sees as lazy balanced by a fun and spontaneous Pinkie Pie? Which is why I’ve come to enjoy fan fiction. Get to actually explore all those little ways things could have been different. Anyway, I’d still love to see a version of the Hearth’s Warming Eve play that included the tribes of bat ponies and crystal ponies. Even if my own headcanon doesn’t have the bat ponies showing up until Nightmare Moon.

Late Fees by MrNumbers

Poor Caramel. He does seem to be the go-to background pony if you need a comedic victim for something catastrophic. This was a funny story, plus just a touch of worldbuilding about Twilight Sparkle’s new Alicorn self. Basically a comedic version of the same idea that was in Paper Tigers.

Three Nights by Bradel

Young Twilight Sparkle is adorable. Only read one or two fanfics with Twilight Sparkle as a young foal, but they have all been very cute. As for this one… I didn’t get around to writing this up until the day after I read it, so some of the details have escaped my head. I remember running across something that agreed with my headcanon, and that was neat, but now I don’t remember what it was exactly. Wait, now I do. Guess I just needed to write it out. The story indicates that bat ponies are an offshoot from pegasi and crystal ponies are likewise from earth ponies. Not exactly the same causes as I’ve been thinking but it’s always cool to find out someone else’s train of thought is in the same general direction as mine. This was somewhat a sad story, even if the ending is upbeat.

.until the last pony is ferried. by shortskirtsandexplosions

That was an interesting formatting experiment. Little confusing at times, but not enough to stop me from reading it. A bit sad, but not dark. Just the final moments of some of the main characters of MLP as they are carried across the river of the dead. Only thing I would change is that I would have liked some mention of Celestia or Luna, they never show up or are mentioned. Still, good story. Of course now I have to read something a bit fluffier to get the thoughts of death and oblivion out of my head, but that’s just how my brain works. Also, I did like the ending. It presents a interesting thought that is never directly addressed, but is a assumption that totally makes sense given what we know about things. And, once again, you never quite know what you are going to get with a story from this author.

Through Death and Life by Chengar Qordath

Another character study of Princess Celestia as a immortal living among mortals. Nothing spectacular, but a solidly written story. Two interesting worldbuilding bits jumped out at me. First, that the title of Princess is only a few centuries old for Celestia. The idea that she’s had many titles in her long life is a interesting one. That during a war after Nightmare Moon’s rebellion she was called Commander Celestia and was sad when the last survivor of that war passed on and everyone just called her Princess. Her previous roles and titles forgotten by the ponies she ruled. The other worldbuilding bit was that when Princess Luna was exiled her alicorn power was left behind. That the immortal power of an alicorn is a mantle of power that can be passed on to another pony, if they have the potential for ascension. A third smaller idea is that Princess Celestia’s alicorn senses grant her a innate knowledge of bloodline and true names of any pony she looks at. While thinking about things she makes reference to knowing a pony from talking to them and knowing things about a pony from her abilities.

Twilight Is Doomed by Akumokagetsu

Something fluffy and fun and very silly. A good followup to the previous two stories. From a writer’s perspective it is interesting to note that this story is written as telling instead of showing, but with the whole story written that way it works. It becomes play-by-play commentary like they do for sports instead of the bad writing kind. I have to wonder just how strong the tape Twilight Sparkle uses is, since at one point a ball of double-sided tape is supporting her entire weight off the floor when she gets stuck to the wall in the progress of her epic struggle.

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