Pony Stories 71

19 Feb

Hey, got linked to by a post on fimfiction. Hello anyone who arrived by that intertube. Welcome to my semi-coherent comments on things I read. Mostly pony fanfics, but I will have a non-pony story review thingy up pretty soon. Spoiler, it’s not a gushingly positive review. Unlike the stories below, which I mostly liked. I think. I wrote my thoughts down and then forgot them. So typing it up will probably be as much a surprise to me as it will be to you reading it. Also using the power of the internet to post it this morning! Mwha ha ha! Fear my control over the very fabric of time. Or, you know, my power over the timestamp gadget.

The Reign of Princess Dinky the Cute by Rodinga

Huh. This one surprised me, and it shouldn’t have. Guess I’ve been reading too many darker fanfics. I was expecting some ulterior motive and pretty sure that Dinky just had some kind of ‘like me’ spell misfire and didn’t realize it. Plus I didn’t expect the ending I got, which is probably a bit pessimistic of me. Still, fun read if a tad fluffy. Recommend it to anyone looking for more pony to read.

Wine And Toothpaste by Aragon

I liked Long Story Short a lot. More than I thought I would even. I still re-read the chapter titles for amusement just because they make me laugh (‘We lost control pretty quickly’ Hee). This is a side story that has nothing directly to do with that one. It isn’t quite as good as the previously mentioned Long Story Short. Same writing style, which I like, but it doesn’t work as well for a quiet scene with only two characters. Three characters if you count the ninja. This writing style needs more characters doing lots of stuff so everything is bouncing off everything else to have the full effect. Still, was enjoyable and I hope to get more of it in the future.

Random Dash by shortskirtsandexplosions

Pretty good, but not this author’s best. Good enough that I wanted the story to continue after I finished it. Writing Dash’s random dialogue must have been fun. I have to wonder if it was just randomly done with good looking punctuation or if the author wrote out the normal dialogue and did a random word replacement tactic.

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