Pony Stories 74

25 Feb

More pony stories. Savor the taste of the random collection of stories below. Next post is (probably) going to be a theme post all about a series of fanfics that are all in a single series. If the experiment goes well, we may never return to randomness ever again! Except, you know, after that I’m planning on reading a whole bunch of completely unrelated fanfics and then probably post my post-story thoughts here as usual. So the predictability of my lack of coherency is a win for… um, both chaos and order? They are never going to let me into Recluse at this rate.

Fluttermistress by Dream Whisper

That was a bit odd. Lots of build-up for little payoff. Very short, and you might like it better, so it’s worth a shot. Just don’t get your expectations too high if you do read it. The paragraphs could have been shorter. On my kindle they were giant walls of text longer than a page in some cases. The mental image at the end was somewhat amusing though.

Born On A Rock Farm by Aragon

That was a interesting one. I’m not sure it counts as a story, by the most mainstream definition anyway. Good though. Another example of how telling instead of showing can work. This brought to mind the older tradition of oral storytelling instead of written narrative. As a narrative it isn’t all that great, but taken as a myth or a parable it works pretty good. Not so much a story to believe really happened (for whatever level of that you want to assign to fanfiction set in the future about a fictional world) but to be told and spread. This isn’t easily categorized or tagged, and that alone makes it worth a read. The good writing is just the frosting on the cake. That this is the same author as Long Story Short, Things Went Down is a demonstration of a impressive range for theme and mood for writing stories. Certainly worth a read.

Alabaster by DawnFade

Right in the feels. Loss of memory is still one of the things that gets me, and this is right there. Not really pony, but not really not. Stories about ponies are stories about people, as once said by a good writer on another review site, and this is a prime example. Not much else to say. Good story, a bit hard for me to read due to the whole personal fear thing, but worth reading. Also very short. Which is probably a good thing.

Light Away the Fear by FictionFreek

Interesting thought during the first few pages of this story. You don’t see a lot of marriage in fanfics. Lots of partners of various gender mixtures, but rarely the official ceremony. Probably a sociological paper in there somewhere, the literature of internet-based fandoms and the assumptions and lifestyles of the people who write them. Anyway, this was a very nice followup to that last one. Well written, heartwarming, and comforting. I’m still not entirely sure about Rarity and Spike having a mixed bloodline kid, but this story shows that she’d probably be a pretty good mother. I can totally see this Rarity as a more mature version of the one we see in the show.

Dulcet by shortskirtsandexplosions

A slightly bittersweet story. I think. Anyway, nice first-person perspective story. They are a lot rarer and this one is pulled off nicely. The author manages a good viewpoint from Big Mac for the majority of the story. The second epilogue-like bit at the end from Rarity’s perspective isn’t handled quite as well, but that may just because it was too short to really get into things. The second chapter is also a little on the vague side. Much better than the last story I read with a vague ending that was just confusing. This one is suggestive, I’m just not entirely sure in which direction. Anyway, nervous Big Mac was quite fun to follow along with. Also, turns out I need to catch up on the show. Haven’t been impressed with fourth season so far, but there are a few episodes that I want to check out. Such as the one this story follows with the Ponytones.

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