Pony Stories 78

04 Mar

Wrote most of this one just after that last one. So you’ll have to go back for the random blog statistics. I think that previous post is going to be the last theme post for a while. Everything in the foreseeable future is random stories and authors. Have been considering asking for people to throw stories at me. Anyone in my single-digit hoard of readers (yes that was intentional) got a pony fanfic (or even some other non-pony short story) they aren’t sure about and want someone to check for goodqualityness? If Shakespeare can make up words and be considered one of the greatest writers who ever lived, why can’t I? The making up words bit that is.

The Morning War by Obselescence

I liked this one a lot. Princess Celestia as temperamental artiste and Princess Luna as the schedule-loving grey-color liking. Most fanfics I’ve read tend to put them in the other order/chaos roles. Fun take on minotaurs as well. Having the representative talk just like Iron Will, but with a difference obsession. I like the idea of a entire race/culture of creatures that talk so loud and aggressive, but not in a mean way. Also really enjoyed the version of Princess Luna that is a grumbling grump and somewhat megalomaniac even when not being Nightmare Moon. Implying that the whole Nightmare Moon and thousand year banishment was just her having a temper tantrum and getting sent to time-out for a while.

An interesting worldbuilding bit was the idea that Princess Celestia is in charge of everything about the dawn. Not just raising the sun, but controlling the brightness and the colors, even the dew on the morning leaves, all of it. As for worldbuilding, this story feeds right into my idea about other kingdoms trying to negotiate about aspects of reality. The main part of this story is the various kingdoms trying to convince Princess Celestia to raise the sun earlier, or later, to suit their own desires.

This story was very close to the tone of the show, at least much closer than a lot of the pony fiction I’ve been reading lately. Was nice to have a lighthearted comedic one. Each one of these stories about Princess Celestia and the politics and/or bureaucracy of Equestria makes me wish there was a civil service spin-off show or something we could watch. Something else to add to the list of things I’d do if I was rich enough to buy the franchise and do whatever I wanted with it.

A funny thing happened on the way to the throne room by Kaelzoroden

This was much better than I expected. Incomplete, but since it is a collection of unrelated short works it doesn’t matter much. Only two stories so far, but both are quite good. Looking forward to more, especially the third one that is in the description but not published yet.

First one has Celestia acting like a warlord from before the unification of the pony tribes, due to massive head trauma. My favorite parts are showing just how tough Princess Celestia is. What I picture as a steel I-beam falling from a second story height hitting her square on the back of the head, driving her down hard enough to break the floor with her chin. Doesn’t do much more than scramble her brains for a bit, other than the warlord personality coming out, but no real physical damage. The other bit is the author did a really good job with the character. Even as a armor-wearing, weapon-carrying, shouting and rude warlord, Princess Celestia was still generous and fair to her subjects and even the ambassadors from other kingdoms. Showing that she’s still the same pony deep down, but that she’s shifted to be much more polite and subtle over the centuries.

The second story was also amusing. A look at just how powerful the princesses are, but they simply don’t flaunt it much. Plus ancient undead army of genocide in a lost underground vault and the care and feeding of the sun. Really looking forward to more by this author.

Looking back, this might actually be a theme post. The three stories could be a theme of Celestia and Luna’s divinity/immortality. But with comedy! Anyway, this is another look at the ups and downs of immortality. I haven’t read the fan fiction this is a companion to, but might have to check it out. This one is more or less just a brief glimpse at how Princess Celestia might have adjusted to the changes in the world during the thousand years her sister was gone. In this case, her first direct interaction with a new-fangled gas stove.


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3 responses to “Pony Stories 78

  1. Professor Whooves

    March 5, 2014 at 3:51 am

    [title] by [author] (word count, thumbs up)

    Fics I liked that you might like:

    No Regrets by horizon (7k, 240)
    Biblical Monsters by Horse Voice (11k, 1270)
    Sparkle’s Law by AestheticB (18k, 1030)
    Daylight Burning by Guesswork (67k, 600)
    Xenophilia by AnonponyDASHIE (109k, 4710)
    Salvation by Cold in Gardez (100k+, 620)

    Note: The last two contain erotica. Skip them if that offends you. FWIW, I enjoyed these fics despite the erotica.

    Fics I’m not sure I’ll like:

    A Dream of Dawn by Starsong (137k, 1240)
    A Bluebird’s Song by Ardensfax (206k, 1450)
    Archmage by Loyal (207k, 1560)
    Austraeoh by Imploding Colon (213k, 1080)
    The Flight of the Alicorn by Ponydora Prancypants (227k, 1020)
    Project: Sunflower by Hoopy McGee (236k, 1990)

    I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on whichever fics strike your fancy.

    • Griffin

      March 5, 2014 at 8:14 am

      Well, I’ve already read Salvation and really liked it. Waiting for the current version to be finished. I’ll pop one of the ones from the second list into the queue after my current focus is done. Must admit I have been somewhat curious about Austraeoh, so probably drift in that direction next.

    • Griffin

      March 5, 2014 at 10:54 am

      Further clarification: I’m not exactly looking for more fics in general to read. I’ve got a fairly stable to-read list of about 4-6 fics at the moment. Stable as in i’m adding to it about as fast as I’m reading stuff on it. Just hitting a low point energy-wise due to depression and life stuff, and figured the extra motivation of doing a reading to vet one or two titles in someone else’s pile might be worth a try.


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