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21 Mar

I’ve got to stop doing that. Trying to read half of a old internet argument on a broad subject I don’t know very well. Trying to debate ethics and logic with a week-old blog post from someone I don’t know that is countering arguements I haven’t read, well, that’s a recipe for frustration. It is a bad habit of mine. Sometimes I just want to understand and the workings of the human brain are a fascination of mine on several levels. Anyway, onto pony fan fiction. A subject I know a bit more about and has never led to any arguments or bad feelings whatsoever, so it’s a perfectly safe subject. Yes, that was a joke.

The Flight of the Alicorn by Ponydora Prancypants

This one starts a little slow. I almost gave up on it during the first 10% of it or so, but I’m glad I didn’t. The author needs a bit of practice in tightening their writing up a bit more. The occasional sentence that exists merely to be a connection between one sentence and another, or to move the characters from one action to another. Once the story gets going this becomes much less obvious, but the first bits of the story are pretty bad. Once the plot gets going the story is a pretty good adventure story. By no measure it is a brisk story. Even in the action scenes things seem to talk their time, but I never felt bored once things got going. When we get to the end and get revealed the prophecy that is apparently the plot for the next books in the series, I couldn’t help but think about the story Wyrmlysan. A vague prophecy that someone has fixated on a very specific interpretation and skewed everything else to match what they think it says. Wyrmlysan handled it better, but in that story it was the center of the story and in this one it is merely plot propulsion.

The author does a decent job at portraying Blueblood, but it still rang a bit hollow for me. We get to see hidden depths and some strengths that get pulled to the surface by the trials and struggles of the story. Yet I couldn’t help but think that the Blueblood we see in the show couldn’t possibly have even those hidden depths. I kept hoping for some explanation for why he was such a idiot during the Grand Galloping Gala with Rarity, and it never came up. Well, they talk about the event, but he never explains why he acted like that. So that was a bit of a disappointment. If you don’t have that one little hangnail of a issue, his redemption was handled pretty well to turn him from the annoyance to a decent individual.

Lastly, I want to mention that I really liked a specific paragraph in chapter 7. When Rarity is leaving Ponyville for the big multi-day airship race she’s feeling lonely and missing her friends. Thinking about all the stuff she does with each of her friends on a regular basis that she’s going to miss. I thought it was a really good peek into what Rarity has in common with each of the mane six. It was a pretty good brief character study of how she connects individually to each of the others, and how they might connect to her. Was a nice bit of character building.

So, I’d recommend this book. Not amazing, but certainly worth the time it took to read it. I suspect someone with slightly different tastes might enjoy it even more and maybe even find it to be a great great story.

My Sediments Exactly by Twinkletail

This one was fun, but only for the type of person who found Muad Pie’s deadpan expression and mode of speaking to be hilarious. I did, so I enjoyed this. Wasn’t as fall down laughing funny as some others, but it was amusing. Do wish that Big Mac had gotten a bit more variation in the dialogue. The over-use of ‘eeyup’ is one of the lesser annoyances that bug me. Still, it was put to good use in this one.

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