Pony Stories 89

27 Mar

Just about finished with the big master fanfic list of my reviews. Well, finished linking my reviews and the original stories anyway. However, I’ve discovered some stories that apparently never got my first impressions posted here. So this is the first of two catch-up posts. Today’s edition is first impressions that I wrote down in my notebook but apparently forgot to type up and post on the blog. Almost all of them are ones I read a while ago, some of them stories I barely remember. So this will be practically new for all of us. Let’s find out what I thought about these stories together.


Happily Ever After by Benman

This is a brutal one. A look at what exactly Cadance does with her power. This will probably hit close to home for anyone who is or has been on drugs for depression or anxitity. The idea of how much is you and how much is the external control element. I can’t help but feel the story is depressing because it implies that the external influence overwrites the real person. I do wonder if Cadance thinks about what the effect on Shining Armor means. If what her power does to ponies lasts that long and/or is that strong, what has she been doing to the ponies she has been affecting without their knowledge? Bonus trivia: This is one of two stories that has the exact same name as another fanfic. Which makes searching for it by name a little tricky.

Twilight, Revised by Vimbert the Unimpressive

Interesting story about mind control. A bit long, mind manipulation from a first person prespective of the victim is just not enough to carry a story all by itself. The similar situation in Immortal Game was better because it was just a piece of the larger story. Plus all the lower case i’s grated on my nerves even though I get the whole lower case for slaves style choice. It’s one of the few rules that I consider above such artistic decisions. The letter by itself should be capitalized.

More Than You Know by Obselescence

Another story touching on memory and free will. This one doesn’t have anything happen, it is more or less just Princess Celestia talking with Twilight Sparkle as they walk around the palace gardens. Been missing the slice of life character studies, but I can’t really call anything involving mind control a character study. At least not in this particular story. It’s a contemplation on the subject, not any of the characters.

Better a Diamond With a Flaw by shortskirtsandexplosions

Story used backpack instead of saddlebags. Minor but I enjoy the little details of a proper pony fanfic. One or two odd little turns of phrase that made me think there might be a wrong word put there not pony related as well. This story is mostly a character study of Diamond Tiara. Got me feeling a bit sad for her at one point, but mostly reaffirmed that both she and Silver Spoon are utter bitches.

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