Pony Story 102

14 Apr

If you didn’t catch it, I duplicated my efforts last post. So you might want to re-check it to see what I replaced the duplicated entry with. Or not, since it might not be worth the effort to go all the way to the last post just for a different half-paragraph of review. I’ll sum up: No Regrets by horizon is pretty good. See last post for the other ..four? sentences of what I thought about it. Below the break on this post is a story I had much more to say about.

The Railway Ponies: Highball by The Descendant

A sad story, but not in a bad way. If we picture depression and hurt sadness as sharp downward lines on a graph, then the sad in this story is a more gentle curve downward. The bottom half of a sine wave of joy above the line and sad below the line, two matched emotions that slowly change from one to the other and back again. This one got me right in the feels. Been a while since a story has managed to do that. Not sure if I sould call it a good feeling, getting a bit sad, but I’ve certainly missed the whole getting emotionally effected by the story thing.

This didn’t have a lot of pony in it, as in you could take the pony out of it and the story would remain mostly intact, but what little bits of pony were in just the right places to count. You could have the same story without the pony, but it would feel much different. I loved the idea that the train we see in the show is the bane of the railponies that have to deal with it. That was a fun bit of setting detail. The story also had some good worldbuilding tucked away in the corners, but even for someone who likes the worldbuilding the best, they seemed to be pushed into the background by everything else. Has the same spirituality as Cup of Joe, which makes sense since it’s the same author, with the well of souls and cutie marks being a gift from the princesses.

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