Pony Story 103

15 Apr

Still not sure how I want to handle updating my master review list. Doing it each time I post a new review seems like the most efficient. Re-doing the entire list over in a new format seems the worst choice. So, of course, I did that one first. I’ll have to try something else this time. Maybe even something rational, considered, and thought out ahead of time. Or not. Only time will tell.

A Dream of Dawn by Starsong

I really liked the ending of this story. The whole last quarter of the story was very nicely done. The middle of the story was a little dull, a bit stretched out I think, but the ending made up for it. This also had the best non-evil Discord I’ve run across. Chaotic, but not really destructive. Crazy, but not psychotic. The parts we see from his point of view were a good look at his personality. Not exactly a character study given the plot and adventures and such distractions, but certainly a decent exploration of him nonetheless. I’d recommend this one, with the warning that you might find it dragging in the middle. I thought the ending made up for it, but you may not. Fluttershy leading an army of forest animals (including timberwolves) to attack a Changeling hive was cool.

This fanfic had the advantage of being written after season 2, possibly later. This means that even those the timeline is a few months after the starting point of the summer sun celebration the author could bring in elements of the world that wouldn’t show up in the show until much later. Gives it a bit more verisimilitude to have more world elements in it, familiar bits reacting in different ways with the situation changed. In addition, all the mane six got good parts. Each one had a part to play, and I felt that each one was very true to their character from both the show and other fanfics I’ve read. As for other characters, I loved the Starswirl the Bearded that showed up in this one. Also felt that the afterlife we see was nicely done. A few good moments, both there and elsewhere, that really highlighted the horse nature of the ponies. Nothing big or obvious, but a few little touches to remind that they are herd animals.

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