Pony Stories 104

16 Apr

A few more shorter ones. It’s taking more and more interest to find stuff to say about the fanfics I read. Might be because I’ve been binging on them, but probably more just my brain has gone on strike. Those neuron unions are a pain sometimes. Plus those tiny picket lines keep getting in the way of everything else.

Ah ha! Figured out what I’m going to do with one of the annoyances I’ve been having about the master list. Though, if my brain is on strike, should I be trusting my ideas right now?

At The Drop of A Hat by Tchernobog

Fun story. This was another collaboration story where each chapter is written by a different author. This one turned out a lot more coherent than the other collaborative story I’ve read. Plus I really enjoyed the sweet romance between Rainbow Dash and Applejack that fills in around the edges of the action-packed hat chase. Plus evil cultists! Which are always fun.

What We Leave Behind by Golden Vision

I should read more Shining Armor stories. This one was pretty good and got me thinking I need to devour more character studies focused on him. This one about him leaving to become a guard wasn’t amazing, but it had a sincere core that was quite nice.

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Posted by on April 16, 2014 in Books 2014, Ponies, Reviews


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