Pony Stories 111

25 Apr

Does the number 111 look weird to anyone else? I always feels like a fake number to me. Not supposed to have several 1’s in a row like that. It’s a modifier number, not meant to be used on itself. My brain picks the weirdest things to fixate on sometimes. Now for another single-story post. This one about a decent story I didn’t like much.

Tangled Up in Blues by The Descendant

Bleh. Did not like this one. Mostly because I couldn’t stand the main character. He talks about feeling the blues because life keeps knocking him down, but even in the first chapter most of it was things that were easily preventable. The biggest head-smack moment was him during the events of the first episode of the show. He agreed to play at a part after the summer sun celebration. He takes a nap, wakes up and the sky is dark. Hurries through a strangely empty town, plays a set in a empty dark room where the party was supposed to be, then goes home. He thinks it’s odd, but doesn’t spend a moment trying to find out where everypony was or even just waiting until someone shows up to play music. It was a really stupid scene. Both of my parents were working musicians for years, both of them continued to play music for years as a hobby after they settled down, and a good number of people I knew growing up were musicians. Given that, it boggles my head that anyone like that would show up to a gig, play to a dark empty room, then leave, all just because that was the time and place agreed to. Oh, and without getting paid. I think that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve read in any pony fanfic so far. That includes the one where Discord captains the Enterprise against a horde of star-powered evil Octavias trying to kill the universe with music.

In chapter two we have him on the snowplow team for winter wrap-up. Spending his time trying to look like he knows what he’s doing and tripping over his feet a lot. Then twilight hits him with snow, twice. I just wanted to tell him to focus on actually doing the job instead of pretending to do the job. I didn’t get past chapter two. Where more time is spent on him getting shoved into a cake then gets spent on the two month happily relationship he has with a mare he likes. I get that it’s supposed to be focused on the sad bits of his life because that is what the character himself focuses on, but this is a bit much. I’m reading another story where everything works out nearly perfectly for the main character. This is like the mirror image of that. A good story needs balance. Even the Face Takers, a dark horror story with a terrifying ending, even that had some sweetness in it.

The author remains a good writer, so I’ve got nothing to complain about on the technical side of things. Even the pacing was pretty good. The main character just annoyed me so much I didn’t want to be reading a story about him anymore.

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