Pony Stories 113

27 Apr

Anyone out there know about any regular review people/lists/sites for pony fan fiction? I’ve got the ones I know about in my master list, but I wouldn’t mind a bit more. Still want to link as many different reviews for each story as possible. Looking for anyone (or any group) that has a good number of reviews already and hopefully is still updating. Though if there is a huge pile of done reviews that second part is optional. I did put in links to the Pony Fiction Vault after all. Anyway, after the break is three more of my reviews. Wait, four of them since three were basically one-line reviews. Just wasn’t feeling inspired to go on and on at any length when I read this batch of stories. Fun trivia, three of these stories don’t have cover art/images for them. Rare enough that having three in a row missing cover art is unusual. Most at least grab a screenshot from the show.

Secret of the Pegasi by CTVulpin

Silly, but not over the top. This is a comedic premise played straight and done well. It wouldn’t hold up for a longer story, but here its got just the right length. Very enjoyable.

The Midnight Run by Midnightshadow

I liked this one. Really pulls you in. Not sure I would call it worldbuilding exactly. Nothing here I could write in my MLP worldbook. I really liked the letter to Celestia at the end.

Scion’s Night Out by hunterz263

Author insert character? Not in a bad way. Though that’s probably a bit uncharitable on my part. If not author insert, then stereotypical internet nerd insert character. Just struck me how the main character is a cripplingly shy writer who hates being around crowds of people. Maybe just projecting a bit. Anyway, the dialogue in the story is really awkward. This story is a decent start of an author’s career, but if it’s not one of the first stories the author has written that’s a warning sign. It’s more or less a bit of shallow wish-fulfillment. Maybe for the author, maybe just aimed at a certain category of reader. Shy nerdy guy goes to nightclub for the first time and ends up meeting a gorgeous, intelligent woman and ends up going home with her for the night. No texture of complexity, no deeper meaning, just a fluff piece.

Also, this author is one of the very few whose name is word(numbers). Most fanfic authors on this site have unique names of some sort. Guess fimfiction has a high level of creativity and diversity for screennames. Can’t help but think that’s another symptom of this author’s lack of same. Wow. I guess I was really put off by this story. I try not to be this negative, especially when I’ve only read a single story by an author.

Sincerely, Your Former Roommate by Fiddlebottoms

Fun concept, but the execution was lacking. Wasn’t bad writing. Just uninspired.

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