Pony Stories 114

28 Apr

Turns out doing something every day comes up every single day. Who knew? Need to get back to having a buffer of scheduled posts again. Also woo! Shining DONE! got a very fun epilogue. If you liked those stories you should go check it out. Shining DONE! by Aragon

The Incredibly Apologetic Letters of Rainbow Dash by Chengar Qordath

This was nice. A good companion to The Life and Times of a Winning Pony. It really felt sincere and well paced how Cloudkicker moved from hate to forgiveness in this story. Reading the core story is recommended, but this could be enjoyed as a brief stand alone.

Philomeanie by Skywriter

Skywriter needs to write more. I really liked this one. It was a great mix of more epic mythical conflict in the flashbacks and light-hearted comedy in the present day bits. Both blending together quite well. It was also a nice story showing the more divine nature of the sisters. Princess Luna believable in both forms, but neither contradicting or considered different than the other.

Don’t Give Up! by Cerulean Voice

This seemed like a fragment of a bigger story. Missing all of the build-up and much of the wind-down. Good writing though. Going to see if any other stories by this author catch my interest.

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Posted by on April 28, 2014 in Books 2014, Ponies, Reviews


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