Pony Stories 115

29 Apr

I was going to mark the occasion of my 500th fanfic read, but apparently that happened a while ago. I’m on 506th at the moment, wait, might be 507th. Which is still not come up on the blog since I’m at least a dozen stories behind. Completely unrelated, I just read and re-read several of the 50 Questions posts. Thinking I should fill one out for myself. I mean, I’ve got a 60 page headcanon document for myself that I’ve been messing around with. Looking at it through different angles has been fun so far. Plus I’ve been starting to ponder tossing my hat into the fan fiction ring myself. It would make a good distraction for the original writing I’m supposed to be doing. Enough rambling! Get your brief pony reviews below the break.

The Incredibly Torn Mind of a Winning Daughter by Comma-Kazie

Another companion to Winning Pony. Not quite as good as Letters, but still decent. This one really does require you to have read Winning Pony first, which is understandable since it’s a different point of view of certain events of that story. Recomended if you liked the foundation story but you won’t be missing anything if you skip it.

Minuette’s Lesson by Airstream

Sweetie Bot story. Might even be one of the first ones. Just seems like a very self-contained piece. Good writing and a good examination of what constitutes life. The old scifi discussion about the difference between life of flesh and life of circuits. Now I want a fanfic that is Twilight Sparkle involved in a Turing Test. Anyway, this is a good take on the subject. Plus it is a neat alternative version of Rarity and Equestria that we get just a peek at.

Which is where I diverge quite a bit from Chris over on One Man’s Pony Ramblings about this story. I like seeing different versions of the character like this. Sort of alternate history stories, tweaking a major factor and see how close a character can remain to the original source.

Sword, Hammer, Stallion by RedSquirrel456

A good coming of age story. Simple, sincere, and just long enough to build up for impact without dragging on. Was a bit better than I was expecting, actually. Good bit of worldbuilding for how towns on Equestria’s borders might be like. As well as a nice protrayal of the duties of the Royal Guard. Lastly, this is a great example of something I’ve been complaining about for a while. This story does a proper building up from normal to conflict. It doesn’t do the in media res and try to tell the build-up through flashbacks or exposition.

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