Pony Stories 117

02 May

Getting a bit low in my backlog. Think I’ll have to throttle things back to just two reviews a post just to stretch things out. Just finishing up a two-parter longer story so that’ll be a good amount of filler content. Content filler? Whatever the proper term for content that’s filling space, but is still content. Semantics! The perfect fluff for when you need to fill out a intro paragraph. My thoughts on two pony fanfics below.

A Full Royal Petition by aduck

This was a very fun story. Lighthearted fun and comedy. Plus some indirect worldbuilding (which is the best kind of worldbuilding). Tucked in here is one of my favorite types of stories involving Alicorn Princess Twilight Sparkle, her after she’s made the inital adjustments and gotten used to immortality but still is getting used to the more exotic parts of the whole immortal god-queen thing. This is another one that could easily be a episode of the show. It has just the right kind of silly humor in it. I really liked the backstories for the characters we meet that are touched on, but never fully explained. Spike in charge of a retirement home was actually something that struck me as something that fit him really well. Plus the Canterlot-wide pillow fight as the grand finale was funny as heck.

Fluttershy Gets Replaced By A Sherman Tank by Estee

This was hilarious. If only most crackfics were this nicely constructed. I was reminded of A Self-Referential Story, in a good way. This was fun, but not mean-spirited except in a few tiny ways that were more comedy slapstick then actually mean. Comments about the fandom and fan fiction in general. I spend a good amount of this story laughing out loud. Additional Edit: Also, this is another wonderful example of comedic chapter titles.

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