Pony Stories 120

05 May

So I’m slowly catching up on watching Season 4 and the most recent one I finished was Testing, Testing. Which had a few fun moments and some worldbuilding I’m going to have to roll around in my head a bit to see how to fit it into my headcanon. The two big fun moments. One, that Ponyville is confirmed as a weird town. The whole sequence at the end wasn’t enough to trip Rainbow Dash’s mind from unconscious keeping track of stuff into conscious ‘that is weird’ territory. Which means the town must do big town-wide choreography on a fairly regular basis. Two, where did Rarity get a half-dozen accurate period Wonderbolt costumes? Did she study and spend the last few days making them? Did she already have them in the back of her closet? What would Rarity need a half-dozen old-timey Wonderbolt costumes. Either they are for a relationship (intended or ongoing) between her and Rainbow Dash, or some other reason.

Idea~ What if there is a steampunk-like genre/fandom/movement in Equestria. Only instead of it being around the invention/times of the steam engine, it’s focused on the old-time stuff of Equestria in the few decades after Luna’s exile? Call it Monarchypunk, since the Kingdom was technically a Diarchy up until that point so having just one ruler would have been the exotic new thing.

Perfect the Way You Are by Mystic

Sad story about Derpy when she was younger. Just a simple slice of life and I actually found that I wound myself up more than the story needed. Just expecting a downturn that never came. Still, sad and a little melancholy, but with a upbeat ending. Recommended if you like sad.

Practice is Perfect by Cirrus Tail

Sweet romance story. Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash. Nothing special or deep, but good enough writing to make the story enjoyable. Oh, did have one little slip. Rainbow Dash orders a pizza with pepperoni on it. Don’t think the ponies would be meat-eaters, but it was probably just a slip-up on the author’s part.

An Oath by Airstream

Another short and simple one. Good for what it is. I did like that the part that in a lot of military themed oaths is ‘I am my nations shield, I am my nations spear’ the Equestrian version doesn’t have a weapon. Probably reading too much into it, but I like the idea that even on that level the Equestrian military is not aggressive. They are protection and guidance, not violence and death. I thought that was a nice blend of more realistic military thought and the more or less kid-centeric pacifism of the show.


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