Pony Stories 121

06 May

So, another episode I watched recently was Twilight Time. Liked it. Struck me as another moment of show and fanfic parallel. At least as close as Three’s A Crowd and Dangerous Business. Magic Tutor is a Lunaverse fanfic where Trixie, the Element, is teaching one of the unicorn foals magic and when the other foals in town hear about it they all end up showing up for lessons as well, then things go downhill. Though the fanfic had more explosions than the episode did. Just was curious is all. It is another example of how the show is fun, but the fandom is able to do so much more with even similar concepts.

The Library of Discord by Chinchillax

Pretty neat origin story. Though not told as one straight up. A bit heavy on the math and numbers in a few places, but that wasn’t a dealbreaker for me. I did like that it stayed true to the show in not portraying Discord as violent/evil. Princess Celestia being sure that Discord wouldn’t kill someone no matter what, and that turning out to be true. Also, minor spoiler, Discord turns out to be the most generic fanfic author. His totally awesome Alicorn OC changes his immortal unchanging self for one of the mane six, who he falls in love with and they swear to spend their lives together. They’ve only met a few times and all the important relationship bits happen off-camera over a single scene transition. Discord will never get featured on Fimfiction’s front page unless he works harder on creating more believable characters.

Twilight Punches Flash Sentry by Cloud Hop

Hee. This was hilarious, and not just because I’m a writer who gets a toned-down version of this from my editor. Well, the complaining parts anyway. I will mention that the description of this story is somewhat decietful. Flash Sentry gets punched in the face twice, both right at the start of the story and never again. The rest of the violence is all verbal.

I’m skimming it again just after typing this up and snickering even more. Man this is funny. Why can’t the show have Alicorn Princess Twilight, newly ascended god, ranting about typos and treating books right? Between this and Late Fees we totally have enough to call this part of her personality.

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