Pony Stories 124

10 May

I just figured it out! The reason the evil guy with energy draining powers was attracted to the cellist was because she was radiating cross-dimensional energy! That’s my story as to why this particular story is still Agents of Shield canon. I’m already painting over the holes in the theory as I type this. There, all done. In my head Octavia is now in Marvel Movie Universe. But you aren’t here for my crazy fan ravings. You are here for my talking about other people’s crazy fan ravings. Ponyfic thoughts below.

Evicted by Mystic

Very, very silly. Probably should be classified as a crackfic. However, it had me giggling more than once. So worth a read if you like ridiculous. Pretty depressing set-up, but it was just so cartoonishly over the top that I couldn’t take it seriously.

Sisters by Bad Horse

More fun hijinks! Plus Twilight trying to introduce the Rule Of Law to Equestria and having little success getting ponies (and Princess Luna) to understand it. My favorite part was when the Princesses admit they adjusted the movements of their respective celestial bodies to match the theories of a astronomer they liked. Which is a great answer to something that’s bothered me every since I started watching the show about how the heavens are on manual control. Well, if you have a good theory as to how things work the sisters might just make it the actual rules. Twilight, predictably, does not take the news well. She likes coherent laws of physics, not physics by royal whim.

A Simple Day by aduck

Same continuity as A Full Royal Petition. Not sure if it goes before or after that one, but it doesn’t really matter. Neither has anything that really impacts the other. I would recommend reading that other one first. This one leaves a lot unsaid that might make more sense if you’ve read Petition. Though I can’t really say, since I read them in that order. This one is another one that is a true slice of life. It’s just a single day in Sweetie Belle’s life at the retirement home. Nothing focused on in any great detail, nothing big or important happens, just one of her days drifting by. No real story arc or anything. Still, I liked it quite a bit. Wish there was more to read. Plus it has a great opening line: ‘As usual, it was Celestia’s blinding sunlight that caused her to wake up.’ For some reason that makes me laugh, like Celestia is shining way-too-bright sunlight in her eyes on purpose.


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