Pony Stories 126

12 May

It’s kind of weird having a fully updated master list. That particular little nagging voice telling me to do something is gone. Plus I’m almost caught up with my completed fanfics to-read list. Might have to start asking for a few targeted recommendations of stories people want someone else to try first. No, wait, there we go. Getting the rest of the Presentperfect links gave me another half-dozen stories, one of which seems pretty long.

The Firework Lotus by ArgonMatrix

Liked this one. One or two spots of cliche, but overall a sweet, well-written story about Spike and Twilight. I also liked the Firework festival in general. Would love to see more fanfics exploring holidays and yearly events in Equestria like this. Either conjured up, or simply the magical pony version of earthside events. I also really liked how Princess Celestia and Princess Luna had very different styles when they each did one of the festivals.

RUN by Stereo_Sub

Wow. This one is really good. A education on how to do a story split between current events and flashbacks. As well as how to do non-standard text layout. Just a little touch of whitespace and staggered text has such a strong impact on the flow of reading. The flashbacks never labelled, but it only takes a moment into it to tell if things are current or past. Did leave one question unasked and unanswered, but even that was a style choice. Making the story stand on it’s own as a isolated story just makes the whole thing even stronger. Highly, highly recommended.

Nightmarish by Lurks-no-More

Another fun one. A good example of how to tie a fanfic to the show. In this case a belivable (and sweet) look at how Luna might have ended up making her appearance in Luna Eclipsed. Very lighthearted and enjoyable.

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