Pony Stories 129

15 May

Your normal daily intro is interrupted to bring you breaking news. Which doesn’t mean much, since the original intro here was telling you I thought of what to do with the big master list next and this interruption is to proclaim that I’ve gone ahead and done it. Which means it’s been about three days since I first wrote this post up and scheduled it. Apparently I get a lot done when the anti-depressants kick in. Anyway, for those that might care I now have pretty much all of presentperfect’s review list, the Pony Fiction Vault, and a good amount of the Royal Canterlot Library on the list and linked. Even the stories I haven’t read myself. Mostly because Presentperfect’s spreadsheet was mocking my ability to find the older recommendation posts. Anyway, pretty sure I got 95% +/- 5% of everything on his spreadsheet all sorted by author and linked to the review posts. At least I will once I track down futa Chrysalis once again. Wait, should I captalized the ‘f’ in futa for that? Does it count as a title or station? The grammar questions pony fiction creates. Or, besides that, should the Queen go before or after the futa? Oh, for the person reading this who might not know what the term ‘futa’ means, you probably shouldn’t just google it.Anyway, was a bit of work building the list. Especially the nearly literally necromancy finding Bob From Bottles stories to put into Calibre to have it do the sorting.

Little Gem by The Princess Rarity

Sweet, a little rough around the edges. Simple scene of Rarity and Applejack in bed together talking about their fears about how they will handle things after their daughter is born. The author does a great job giving each of the characters a very personal set of worries about the situation that fit each of them quite well. This is yet another true slice of life, with one unintended (I think) comedic bit. Rarity getting pregnant was an accident when the two of them were fooling around. Applejack blames unicorn magic for it, but it still makes me laugh thinking that two girls can have a kid by accident. Still, simple little story that could use some polish, but I’d read a sequel if there was one.

True Love Never Dies by Adda le Blue

Sad story. Pretty depressing in places actually. Decently written, but feels a bit incomplete. It could have used more padding. Not to mention a little more cheerfulness. If you really like sad romance give it a shot, but otherwise the quality of writing, which I found to be just a bit above average, isn’t good enough to make up for the negative emotional impact. Spoilers: Mostly I found it depressing because it has Twilight Sparkle acting insanely selfish. A lifetime of despair and bitterness that ruins all of her friendships for the rest of her life, only to be cheered up instantly in the afterlife because her true love is there? I get breaking up from the rebound relationship, that made sense, but I think Rainbow Dash should’ve at least given Twilight a smack to the back of the head for being so miserable for the rest of her life.

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