Pony Stories 137

23 May

Today I’ll be posting fanfic thoughts out of order. Mostly because I’m like two dozen behind and I liked the last few I wrote, but even a few every day it’ll take like a week to get to them. Of course I liked most of the older ones a day or so after I wrote them, so mostly it’s just the most recent ones are still in my short term memory. So I’ll just have to mix them up.

Sparkle’s Law by AestheticB

Okay, this one was fun. It certainly earns the good things I’ve heard about it. All the character’s were well written and the plot was beautifully constructed. This would have made a delightful movie. Loved the war between the Apple family and the Carrot family. With the adorable moment between Applejack and Applebloom showing that it’s all fun and games. Serious fun and games. Lastly, this story makes me happy once again that I never picked up the coffee habit. It really seems like a losing proposition viewing things long-term.

A Fact for Twilight by bookplayer

Nice Applejack and Twilight shipping story. Nothing amazing, but the writing is solid enough and the characters are characterized well. I liked this version of Twilight. Not clueless about social stuff, but still book and study/research obsessed.

ACT OF WILL by presentperfect

ALL CAPS REVIEW TIME! No, wait, horrible idea. What works for a simple three word title isn’t the best idea for a several sentence review. Besides, other people have done it better. Anyway, I hated… No, wait, the other thing. I really liked this one. Enough that I’m going to have to dig up my ebook of Machine Of Death to give it a read. I have to admit it took me a few minutes thought after I had finished to realize what was on Princess Celestia’s paper. Also, regarding the comments, the season 4 finale doesn’t have to mean that this story isn’t canon anymore. Sure she might not outlive her friends, but that just means they all go down together.

I really should use this space for more review type stuff, and not patching up the continuity holes in this author’s stories that I liked. As a great bard once said: With moderate power comes moderate responsibility. So in that spirit, I offer a piece of constructive criticism. This story needed to follow up the foreshadowing about the muffin cause of death. Note I didn’t say useful constructive criticism.


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2 responses to “Pony Stories 137

  1. Present Perfect

    May 23, 2014 at 4:11 pm

    That story is why I’ve never been mad about Twilicorn. :V

    Possible explanations for that cause of death:

    Derpy chokes on a muffin.
    Pinkie chokes on a muffin.
    Time Turner chokes on a muffin.
    Derpy dies while baking muffins when her oven explodes and a particularly large piece of nut sails clean through her bad eye and into her brain.
    Dinky commits matricide. (Dinky’s second kill? Doh-ho!)


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