Pony Stories 139

25 May

Hello people of the future! Now, thoughts about that one pony show. My interest in the show itself has gone up and down depending on how much I like any particular episode, but it did grab me right off with the very start of the first episode. The story of Princess Luna’s fall and banishment is exactly the kind of mythic story I enjoy. Some of my favorite bits of the show are things have have added or built onto that and some of the things I disliked were things that went against it. A stylistic story about sibling gods battling each other over the fate of their subjects is a great way for a kid’s cartoon to kick things off with. Following that up with the sun goddess telling her most faithful follower to relax and stop thinking so much about the god she serves is a great follow-up. Not very often you see a god telling their high priest to stop being so fanatical.

Anyway, all three of these stories are post season 4 finale stories. Not that I’ve been exactly shy putting spoilers for that right here in the intros to a few posts previously, but figured it was worth mentioning.

Memories Don’t Burn by MythrilMoth

Short little epilogue for the season 4 finale. Which is nice because there is little chance the show is going to spend any time with this sort of stuff. Measured reflection of events is not really a strong point. Not an amazing piece of storytelling, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. Did remind me that I wished Twilight had gotten the Castle of the Two Sisters in the Everfree forest instead of something brand new.

Instability by Eakin

New story from one of my favorite ponyfic authors, heck, one of my favorite authors without the qualifications. Just a little what if based around the events of the season 4 finale. Fun, but not memorable. If you like the time travel episode and didn’t hate the season 4 finale you’ll probably get some amusement out of this one.

Heart is Where the Home is by Skywriter

Once against Skywriter shows just how good a writer he is. This story surprised me in a good way. Highly recommended for anyone who has seen the season 4 finale and likes his writing style.

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