Pony Stories 143

29 May

Written right after the last one and I still don’t have anything interesting in mind. Had a thought, but then remembered I used that for the upcoming series of posts that I’m scheduling for the second week of June when I’m across the country away from my computer. Can you take a vacation when you aren’t really doing much during the day? It’s pretty much slacking off here where I have my computer, and then slacking off over there without a computer. I’m going to get the same amount of reading and productive writing done either way. Might even get more writing down away from the distraction of the internet. Assuming the withdrawal doesn’t get me first. Okay, had a bit of interesting stuff to put here this time.

Dance With Me by Royal Flush

Bit of romantic fluff. Short, fluffy, but fun for what it is. Lyra and Bonbon relationship fans should give it a read, but nothing really to draw the attention on it’s own merits. Not that it’s a bad thing. Just that there are better, more involved romantic stories to read if you are looking for that sort of thing. This is another one that really does seem like a slice from something longer. Wouldn’t mind seeing a longer work about this relationship. Well, I mean, other than the fandom in general.

Taxing and Waning by Daffodil

Liked this one. Not great, but several wonderful moments. Princess Luna telling a orphan to get a job at a factory was a highlight. I do wish it had been a little longer so we could get Celestia’s reactions to things. Would be funny to see her scolding Princess Luna like a little sister for the destroyed buildings and the many, many deaths. Though I must say I’m assuming all of that happened. It’s a bit of extrapolation from the tiny bit we do see of her actions. Plus so, so many logical loopholes and unrealistic bits. But it’s for comedy so that’s all okay.

Faded Grace by Pineapple Skitter

Oooh, liked this one. Might get stapled into my personal headcanon. As what, I’m not telling because the ending is a fun little surprise. Or it was for me anyway. Not that it’s a mystery or anything. Still, was a fun little story about what the major events of the show might have been like from a certain outside perspective. Outside of the mane six anyway.

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