Pony Stories 145

01 Jun

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Rarity’s Grand Venture to the Supermarket by FlanChan

Eh, I didn’t like this one. Writing quality was okay, but not inspiring. Mostly it felt really non-pony. Rarity was somewhat passable, but even the little glimpse of Sweetie Belle (is her name two words? I think so) shows just a stereotypical whiny little kid. Which is weird because I’ve always seen her as the calm and collected one of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Plus supermarkets and televisions don’t really fit in Equestria, and both of them are fairly key parts of this story. This just feels like a very stereotypical shallow slice of life with character names from MLP copy-pasted in. Biggest disappointment was finding out Rarity didn’t burn down the supermarket in the second chapter.

Beyond the Wall by Filler

That was a bit dark. Still managed to feel like a pony story though. Well, it felt as pony as is possible given the emotional tone of the story, which is somewhere between depressing and hopeless. Very good writing. This is on my ‘probably read a second time’ list.

Emoticon by Viking ZX

Latest in the Dusk Guard series. This is the first story by this author that I haven’t really liked. Not for quality reasons, his writing is still the same above-average as it has been so far. Mostly it’s because this was a Doctor Who crossover. I don’t mind the occasional shout-out to Doctor Who, but in general Who and Pony don’t mix all that well. Mostly because I find MLP to be a fun exercise in worldbuilding, and Doctor Who is pretty much just random deus ex machinas stacked on top of one another until the episode runs out. Plus it means that whatever pony main character becomes just a sidekick to the Doctor (should the ‘the’ be capitalized there? Not sure). I much rather would have had another character-building piece like the last three stories had been. Maybe a bit of resolution to the plot point that the story starts with involving his family.

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