Pony Stories 152

09 Jun

Starting today I’ll be out of town and away from my computer for about a week, so won’t be responding to comments unless I borrow a computer and internet connection while I’m away. This is a post I wrote about two weeks ago in preparation for this trip. Do not expect it to be topical, even as loosely topical as my intros are usually. I wrote this right after the comments about Bookplayer being a good author and a nice person, which was Pony Stories 138. Figured I would read the Bookplayer stories I had downloaded but not read yet and do a theme post. Then I went and downloaded every story Bookplayer has on FiMFiction that I liked the look of and put those all on my kindle. So this is not just a theme post, it’s a multi-part extravaganza! Part 1 of… I’m going to guess twelve. That seems like a good number. Divisible by 3, 4, and 6. Yep, twelve is a useful number.

Wisdom is Just Being Old by bookplayer

Wow, this was a good one. The best of the four stories from this author I’ve read so far. Do wish Celestia had made some comment in response to Applejack’s ‘Wisdom is getting old’ statement. Would have been a perfect chance to slip in something about the difference between surviving the years and living the years, or the difference between being eternally young and getting old. Anyway, it is a wonderful look on getting old and friends passing away. One of the best slice of life stories in the genre of semi-far future I’ve read with the mane six. At least in recent memory.

The Only Applejack On Sweet Apple Acres by bookplayer

Wow. This one was really good. This might be the best fictional treatment of alcoholism I’ve read. Sure, it’s brief and idealized, but it is neither a pure soul corrupted by drink or a bad person with drink as the excuse. This was a very well-written story. I will certainly be reading this one again just to enjoy the simplicity of the language use in it.

Best Young Flyer by Bookplayer

Another really good one. This is going on my list of favorite pony romances. It also is a great example of good fan fiction. Well, I don’t mean well written fan fiction, though it’s certainly god really good writing. What I mean is that this would not work as a original work without a novel worth of set-up. It takes the show as a starting point, fills in the stuff you can’t show in a kid’s commercial show, and then extrapolates from there. So it’s using the foundation of the show in like three different ways and building up from there. I found both Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo very well presented. Scootaloo as a flight school instructor for kids very believable. It also did a good job of showing a good amount of characters from the show. Not all of the mane six, just the ones that Scootaloo would interact with on a regular basis. Lots of fan fiction stories, especially romances, have such a tight focus on the two leads that every other character we know from the show gets maybe a guest appearance for a single scene.

This also had a few bits of good worldbuilding around the edges for the pegasi. Nothing major, but it really felt like the author has a very complex view of the pegasi that they were using to fill in some of the details. How cloud houses might be different from physical houses. That different pegasi might have different reactions to flying. Some might love to fly, while others just see it as a useful way to get around from time to time. Still, this story took place in a excellently textured world that uses the show as a starting point, but fills in a lot of details the show leaves empty and implies even more details for the reader’s brain to fill in. Also I would use this story as a great example of how to touch on the events of the show instead of focusing too much on them, or ignoring them. It had just the right amount of reference to make the characters feel like they had lives around those events. Oh, plus the romance is sweet to follow even with the ups and downs.


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