Pony Stories 153

10 Jun

Part two of the Bookplayer extravaganza! Part two of… 42 is a classic number so we’ll go with that. Part 2 of 42. Written way ahead of time to fill up another day of my vacation to go see what the Denver Comic-Con is like. I mostly go to anime cons, with the occasional scifi con, and it’s kind of funny looking at the comic-con webpage. The anime con has a handful (6-8?) guests, mostly voice actors, who each have dozens of roles and often several big ones. The listing of guests for the comic-con is several dozen, most of them have a single role, some of which were shows that were decades ago. Just a interesting contrast.

The Homesteading by bookplayer

This was okay. Not quite up to the standards of the last few stories I read by this author. It seemed a little… disconnected. I felt like I needed to read the story that actually builds up the relationship between Applejack and Twilight Sparkle. It was based on a cool little bit of worldbuilding. Not to mention a clever resolution. This falls into the category of not the author’s best work, but a bad day for this author is better than most authors manage. Other than the romantic bits feeling disconnected, all the characters were written well.

Daring Do’s and Don’ts by bookplayer

Rainbow Dash going one-pony Mythbusters on the stunts Daring Do does in her books. This would make an awesome episode. I mean, not anymore with the Daring Do episode (that I didn’t like) but it still would have been amusing to see the stuff in this story. It would be even funnier with a visual element. The story was okay, good writing from bookplayer as usual but not one of her best. It is worth reading just for the funny things Rainbow Dash does to test the various stunts. The one with Rarity was my favorite. Plus it has Scootaloo as the plucky sidekick!

Maiden’s Day by bookplayer

Pretty good, but I liked the worldbuilding bits more than the actual story. The characters were okay, but not spectacular. I’d classify this as a mostly average story with good worldbuilding bits. The clop at the end wasn’t exactly gratuitous, but it wouldn’t damage the story too much if it was edited out. This one is worth reading.

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