Pony Stories 155

13 Jun

Now for the grand third part of the planned ahead series of Bookplayer stories. Three of… however many parts this turns out to be. This is the romance edition. All three stories are romantic slice of life, I think. Romance for sure. Less sure about the slice of life stuff. I hope the aliens haven’t invaded and nobody is paying attention to the internet when this comes out.

Later edit: Nope, no aliens. Just the Denver Comic-con. Which should be fun. Might even pick up some pony merch. Saw some adorable hand-knitted pony figures. Also, pay no attention to the part of yesterdays post that said I had no more bookplayer reviews. It was trying to ruin my street cred.

Love Means Having to Say You’re Sorry by bookplayer

This one was fun. The romance angle was so-so, good but not great. However, I thought the author did a great job showing us Rainbow Dash’s viewpoint and personality. I really felt like I was peeking into RD’s thought processes for the entire story. I found the comedy funny. The ending is very predictable. There isn’t any tension. Heck, I figured out how it was going to play out simply from the story description and it didn’t try to hide it at all. This is very much a ‘I know where it is going, but going to enjoy the ride’ type of story. And I did enjoy the ride.

Wet Feathers by bookplayer

This is another romance, another Applejack and Rainbow Dash romance in fact. Not sure if this is the same continuity as the other one. Pretty sure this one was written first, but I’m not sure it matters all that much. Neither of them refer to each other in any way. It’s just the previous story was the start of a relationship between the two and this story is about their relationship a few years into things when Rainbow Dash is being a famous Wonderbolt all over Equestria. I liked it. Was sweet and had both miscommunication and characters got angry over things, but they also sat down and talked about things like rational ponies. Also had a scene of Applejack asking Twilight Sparkle for relationship advice that felt natural and sensible. Not because Twilight is any good at romance, but because Applejack wanted a clear logical viewpoint of things.

Daring Do and a Place Called Home by bookplayer

This was an interesting pair. Daring Do and Zecora. Works pretty well too, more or less. The story is a little fluffy. This would have been a nice late scene in a larger story that involved these two characters. There is a lot of assumed backstory and emotional history that I just didn’t feel connected to, so a lot of the interactions seemed a bit shallow. Had good writing though and it gets plenty of points for being a relationship I haven’t even heard about anywhere else.

Three Little Apples by bookplayer

Sweet story. Nice alternate take on the Apple family we see in the show. Both Applejack and Twilight Sparkle are presented well. I liked Twilight’s struggle to understand something that doesn’t fit in the standard mental boxes. Not to mention her passion for investigating things.


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3 responses to “Pony Stories 155

  1. Pascoite Fics

    June 12, 2014 at 7:42 am

    What happened to Pony Stories 155!?

    • Griffin

      June 12, 2014 at 9:35 am

      You saw nothing! This has always been Pony Stories 155. And it was posted today. If you saw this as 156 and posted yesterday, you must be mistaken.

      • Pascoite Fics

        June 13, 2014 at 9:24 am

        My head hurts from the paradox. I’m going to go lie down for a while.


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