Pony Stories 156

14 Jun

Glad I’ve borrowed a computer to check here while I’m away from home. Could have sworn I had enough posts to cover every day while I was away, but apparently not. Plus I mis-scheduled two to happen on the same day and skipped a number. Disaster! Of course writing this now means I’ll be putting up stories I read on the trip instead of the reviews I left at home. Good thing I was already posting them out of order, or I’d have to post them out of order. Brace yourself for Octavia overload.

My Roommate is a Vampire by Dennis the Menace

This story was a trainwreck. I actually kind of liked the first chapter. I would not have called it good, but the style was fun and it was decent enough quality-wise to tolerate. If it had continued like that this would have been a unremarkable fanfic. I would have been amused, but forgotten it fairly quickly.

It did not manage to stay like the first chapter. It wasn’t a graceful descent either. If you have read this story, I don’t need to say anything. If you haven’t read it, you shouldn’t start now. I’d recommend, if you absolutely must try it, to read the first chapter or two, then the last chapter (second epilogue if memory serves). That should give you the full experience without actually having the full experience. It isn’t even a good story marred by bad writing. It is cliche, shallow, poorly paced, and has pretty much no pony in it at all.

I understand why it’s popular, but that popularity has nothing to do with cool ideas or quality of writing. Well, it had one cool idea. I did like the idea of Photo Finish and Hoity Toity being Vinyl Scratch’s parents. Can you imagine the dinner table in that house?

Red, if at all Possible by ChaoticHarmony

This was, well, this was the best Octavia and vampires story I have read so far. The only other story that has similar subject matter was My Roommate Is a Vampire, and that was terrible, so it was hardly a challenge for this to be the best. This had a coherent, if simple, plot. It had a main character with coherent motivations who actually had cause-and-effect behind her actions and thoughts. It was refreshing.

Was this story great? Nope. I’d put it in the decent to good bracket depending on how much you like cliché vampire stories. My only reasonable complaint is that it had pretty much no pony in it. The usual names but nothing of the world or any of the theme.

Overture by Exilo

I think I’ve reached my Octavia saturation point. Too many stories about the grey cello-playing pony. Anyway, this was an odd one. Writing was a bit clunky, also had somewhat unusual race/tribe relations. The Equestria here seems to have a big problem with discrimination and tension between all the different types of ponies. To the point that a new-ish Wonderbolt mentions never having met a ‘earth walker’ before. Didn’t feel like this story wasted my time, but not sure I would recommend it to someone else.

Octavia’s Sonata by Jondor

More Octavia and Vinyl Scratch romance. The first chapter was a good read, if a bit rough technical-quality speaking, but the second chapter wasn’t as good. The second chapter was the same story told from the other character’s point of view, but you couldn’t switch the order of the chapters around. It really felt like the second chapter was written with the assumption you read the first chapter first. Oh, and some people might consider Vinyl’s behavior toward Octavia a bit creepy.

A Knife in the Dark by NorsePony

That was not a typical Vinyl Scratch and Octavia fanfic. The originality was very nice. Not much pony it it though, and it has clop and violence. A few darkly amusing moments though. If you don’t like clop at all, this won’t be worth reading. If you do, or simply tolerate it, plus you don’t mind some violence and dark humor, I’d suggest giving this a try.


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2 responses to “Pony Stories 156

  1. bchandler2

    June 19, 2014 at 8:43 am

    Dennis the Menace is my pegasister friend’s ex, and he treated her like crap during the short time they were together, so I always feel schadenfreude when “My Roommate is a Vampire” gets thrashed by critics, which seems to universally happen. That being said, I loved his comedy about Celestia being terrified by Luna’s pet spider. At any rate, I don’t think he writes much anymore.

    • Griffin

      June 19, 2014 at 7:50 pm

      Well, glad I could give you that schadenfreude? Checking his fimfiction page, there are some updates late 2013 and one early 2014. Not such if that counts as ‘not much’ or not.


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