Pony Stories 158

17 Jun

So glad to be back home. My computer really is a extension of my mind, so it feels like part of my brain is missing when I’m away for longer than a few days. Even borrowing someone’s computer isn’t as good. Since all my bookmarks and documents and everything is elsewhere. I read a lot of fanfics over the week I was away from home, so lots to catch up with. Not to mention several other people continued doing reviews of their own. So I’ve got lots of updating to do on the big master reviews list. Busy, busy, busy. For today, here is a bunch of fanfics all by Ninestempest. General reaction: I liked most of them, but I don’t think Ninestempest is going to become one of my favorite authors.

Right by Ninestempest

This was pretty good. Another ‘one of the mane six is a changeling’ story. With a bit of a twist at the end. A solid average-good story. Though I will admit that Celestia’s behavior (the letter informing Twilight Sparkle of the possible changeling) turns out to be a really dumb way to handle the situation.

Faith by Ninestempest

Sequel to Right. This one I liked even more. It’s a bit longer and the writing is slightly better. Plus Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle are so cute as a couple. Worth a read, but not a magnificent work of art. Wouldn’t mind reading more from this author, and would love to get more romantic stories about Changeling Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle. Plus I liked Queen Chrysalis’s jerk moment, where she is just a jerk instead of actually evil.

Epiphany by Ninestempest

Ugh. Couldn’t even get halfway through this one. The writing is just so rough and not-good. I even gave it a few second chances, putting it down and reading something for a while, then coming back. Nope. I finally just put it down when the third chapter is a flashback in a flashback. Go read Faith for what is basically the same story by the same author, but much better quality. Plus that one has changelings, which is always neat.

Burning Bridges by Ninestempest

Some nice fluffy romance. Needed more build-up. Would have loved to get more of the romance leading up to the big trouble in this story, but I liked it quite a bit.

Pink Dream by Ninestempest

Interesting. Decent story, cool premise, but not amazing.

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