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24 Jun

Non-pony content here. Just some random tabletop RPG stuff that was rolling around in my head.

Had a thought for a old-school D&D character inspired by the name of a class someone posted on a blog I follow. The enchanter. Magic-user who can grant magical effects to weapons and armor. Thinking something along the lines of the class has a spell progression chart like a wizard, but instead of spells each slot is a ability that they can grant. My first thought was something simple like a 1st-level slot lets them grant a +1 bonus to one weapon or one armor/shield. Then the 2nd-level slots grant +2, and so on. Then I figured that both seemed a little overpowered, and a lot boring. Sure you’d get some excitement if you let the enchanter move the bonus around each round in combat, but in general the plain +1 to attack to armor is dull. So I figured maybe 1st-level slots are types of damage. Like a 1st-level magic slot lets an enchanter give a weapon fire damage. No bonus to the damage, but it can set things on fire and affect things with a fire vulnerability. Or, instead of fire it’s cold, or acid. Each one needing to be prepared ahead of time like wizard spells. As well as only affecting one weapon at a time. The benefits to armor would be protection against the element, taking less damage in some fashion. Then maybe the 2nd-level ‘spells’ for the enchanter are the +1 bonuses. Not entirely sure what to do with the higher levels. Maybe 2nd-level slots are focused. +1 bonuses against specific targets.

In any case, it would be a pure support character. It would have a somewhat passive role in combat. You make it so the enchantments can be moved around, but in a lot of combat there would be no real need to do so. The class would be fairly invaluable to any adventuring party. Especially a high-level one. Get captured, all your equipment taken away and locked in jail? If you have a enchanter any clothing you wear and makeshift weapons you find become magic items. If you are playing a game with hirelings, you don’t need to waste resources on getting them magical equipment. Just let the enchanter handle that.

Not sure If I will put the extra work writing this out as a fully useable class. I just really like the idea of using the spell slots per day format for ongoing effects. I also like support-type classes that just help out the party without having much in the way of active abilities themselves. If my current weekly game was more open to experimentation I’d try making a character like this and trying it out, but it’s not so I won’t.

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