Pony Stories 166

25 Jun

So I’m watching the start of season 4 while I work on the headcanon post going up right before this one and it’s kind of cracking me up. Evil black sprouts growing out of the ground with unnatural speed and supernatural toughness. Applejack and family thinks they are just weeds for like an hour before considering it might be something else. Even while giant vines covered in spikes are wrapped around the barn. Makes you think what kinds of weeds the Apple family deals with normally. Likewise, Rarity is walking through town watching the chaos of giant spike-covered plants growing over all the buildings and possibly attacking ponies. Her reaction is to walk casually through town and comment “something very strange is going on”. Living in Ponyville makes you so jaded.

The Council of Friendship by Drake Clawfang

Hee. Twilight Sparkle trying to impose strict formal procedure-based government on her friends. This was silly, but in a fairly relaxed fashion. Just be prepared to want to smack some sense into Twilight when you read this. A very clear solution is obvious, but it would end the story too quickly.

Blink and Miss It by Ponydora Prancypants

Another season 4 finale reaction fanfic. This one got me right in the feels because it is exactly how I would have felt if I was in Twilight’s shoes. Heck, it was pretty close to what I was feeling during that moment of the episode. Great writing as well, not to mention a tiny pinch of cool worldbuilding mixed in. I’d recommend this one to anyone who has seen the S4 finale. A great little character-based moment from Twilight’s perspective. Probably the best S4 reaction fanfic I’ve read, or maybe tied with Skywriter’s Heart is Where the Home is.

Blank Book by Regidar

Pretty good. Yet another S4 finale reaction fanfic. Worth reading, but nothing special.

The Five Stages of Grief with Trixie Lulamoon by Curly Q

Silly comedy with a pinch of worldbuilding mixed with some character development. This had good stuff in it.

Lulamoon’s Castle by Bookish Delight

I think this might be my favorite Trixie story so far. Not counting the Lunaverse AU. This had a believable and sympathetic version of Trixie that was believably skilled at magic. The interactions between Twilight and Trixie were swet and clever. It was a good exploration of how the grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence.

The Guard Dog Paradox by Metool Bard

Neat story. Simple, clever, doesn’t last too long. Has pretty good writing as well. A good example of fan fiction that explores what might happen around the edges of the show. A less comedic look at the same situation as A Hell Of A Time covered.

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