Pony Stories 174

03 Jul

The timeline for My Little Pony, the show, is still boggling my mind. 65 episodes for the first three seasons and all those adventures fit inside a single year. Now I see why living in Ponyville makes you jaded. Some kind of huge event, usually involving monsters, happens almost twice a week. I’m pretty much going to picture things as the story Tick. Tock. showed us about the background of Ponyville during the various disasters.

EqD Writer Training Grounds short stories by Georg by Georg

This is an author I enjoy quite a bit, and this collection is a pretty good example why. 19 shorts and not a single one I disliked. In fact I loved many of them. The very first one was a riot. This has me wishing he was done with his next longer form story so I could read it. Several of them would work as longer stand-alone stories in fact.

Just A Taste by Gojira007

This continues from the cutie mark switch of the season 3 finale. It isn’t quite as good as Memories We Never Had by HiddenBrony, but it’s still a nice little piece. A short little slice of life peek at both Applejack and a tiny little peek at Rarity.

Feedback by Kegisak

The writing quality is a bit rough in this one. Which is something considering I usually don’t notice that sort of thing. Overuse of passive voice, at least one instance of wrong word (new instead of knew, though that might just be a typo). Despite all of that I kind of liked this one. It’s got Vinyl Scratch as a somewhat nuanced character. Also, it was simple and short.

‘The Art of the Dress’ or ‘Expectations’ by NTSTS

I’ve heard good things about this one, and this story deserves the praise. The writing is quite good, this story showing a real flair for language that shows through the whole thing. The story is a bit abstract and/or philosophical. Pretty sure I missed a lot of the nuances in it. Despite that there was still a lot to enjoy. The part of this story showing Rarity’s relationship with her sister, a small glimpse really, did better with that subject than a lot of the fanfics where it is the main focus of the entire piece. This is one I would recommend to a non-pony fan. It really doesn’t have a lot of pony in it, but manages to capture Rarity so well that it doesn’t really matter.

Blank Slate by Integral Archer

If this wasn’t a Fallout: Equestria story I might have liked it better. The author has a bit of a talent for flowery language and I enjoy that from time to time. However, it is a FO:E story and I couldn’t stand it. The author seems to completely miss so much of the theme and feel of FO:E. Not to mention actually starting off with a continuity error (probably more than one). Littlepip isn’t a Pipbuck technician, she’s just an apprentice at the start of the main story. I only got two chapters into this before giving up and tossing it to the side in frustration. I wouldn’t recommend this, but I might see if the author has other less derivative stories to try.

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