Pony Stories 176

05 Jul

Well, my OCD is catching up to the big master review list. I might just have to go back to including everything that anyone I’m following reviews just to get my brain to shut up. First step is I need to step up my reading. I’ve got about 200 stories on my to read list that I want to power through and I want to get through the other 900 or so in my Calibre library that I use to make the big master list with. Which includes the 66 or so stories for the Most Dangerous Game contest. Should only take me two weeks or so. Assuming I can power through 100 stories a day.

Stupid math, one again proving my random ideas are horribly, horribly bad.

The Diary Of An Evil Pony by TheBrianJ

This one is a bit simple, but I enjoyed it. Definitely a popcorn fanfic. Moderately enjoyable while reading it, but nothing that will stick around in my brain now I’ve finished it. Still, writing was decent and I (almost) always enjoy this style of story telling.

Diary of a Ruler by Lamia

A bit bland. Has a really shallow musing on religion and the afterlife in one chapter. Princess Celestia pondering the topic like she’s a first year philosophy student. I got almost to the halfway point of this story before giving up. So very boring. This story is a perfect example of why the ‘show, don’t tell’ advice gets tossed around so often. Page after page of telling is dull. The journal format can be used to tell a story in an interesting way. The previous story The Diary Of An Evil Pony was a bit predictable, but it wasn’t dull. In this one we get absolutely no feeling of Celestia as a divine figure, a ruler, or somepony who has lived for centuries. No sense of grace, wisdom, tiredness, joy, or anything else. Just bland, boring dullness.

Feedback by Curly Q

Hee. Short and fun with a good poke and advice for fan fiction writers. Worth a good read if you enjoy fluffy fun.

Family by NTSTS

Another simple story. Sincere and decently written. Big Mac is a bit two dimensional, but not to a story crippling degree. Nothing special, but if you want more Braeburn or Big Mac, you could do worse. Though I must say that while I’m typing this up my memories of this story aren’t as ambivalent as when I had just finished it. My memory tells me it wasn’t very good.

Grounded by Whiteout

Sweet little slice of life. Feels like one scene out of a larger story. If you like the pairing of Applejack and Rainbow Dash, put this on your to-read list. The writing was pretty good.

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