Pony Stories 183

12 Jul

Another theme post. I read these at various points, but given they are all by the same author and in the same vein I wanted to give them their own post. A whole bunch of short story collections by the same author who wrote Bitter Harvest and Blinded By Fashion. Two stories I really enjoyed.

Just before posting edit: I’ve decided on a new big master list. If you would go over here and give it a look I would appreciate it. I haven’t gotten the links in yet, that’s step two. Just want to make sure it displays and see what people think. Also, in a more style question, now that it’s a spreadsheet, should I keep it all one page or maybe do separate pages for each letter for sorting purposes? I really wish I could get it wider, but the limitations of the blog seem to be blocking that particular goal.

Thirty Minutes Shy by Esle Ynopemos

A bunch of Fluttershy shorts. A lot of good stuff in here. A wide variety of genre, from serious to comedy and everything else outside those two. Highly recommended if you like Fluttershy and plain recommended otherwise.

An Apple A Day by Esle Ynopemos

A fun collection of shorts. This author is quite good. I enjoyed all of these. A few aren’t exactly Applejack stories, but that is such a small complaint. I’m looking forward to reading the other character collections.

Thirty Minutes of Fabulosity by Esle Ynopemos

The Rarity collection. These were a lot of good stories in here. Just didn’t like it as much as the Applejack collection. Which is odd, since I like Rarity a bit more than Applejack. Might just be my current mood. Also, this collection seemed to have more dark and sad stories in it than the previous one.

Thirty Days, Thirty Twilights by Esle Ynopemos

Apparently I totally forgot to write down any thoughts after I read this one. So… I have no memories of specifics. Collections of lots of semi-disconnected short stories don’t really stick in my head. I do remember that I liked it. Checking the first story…. Oh man, that one was hilarious. Skimming the titles it’s coming back to me. These were really good and I loved a lot of them.

The Thirty Minute Dash by Esle Ynopemos

Another one of these collections. This on had lots of good stuff in it. A nice variety of stories as well. Didn’t seem weighted toward one genre/tag or anything. Rainbow Dash seemed to be paired up with Rarity the most for the romantic stuff, a good amount with Pinkie Pie, and only once with Applejack. There was also a really cool story that involved where cutie marks came from. I’m totally grabbing it and sticking it in my personal headcanon.

No Storms In Canterlot by Esle Ynopemos

This is not a short story collection, but figured I would tuck it in here. Read it because I vaguely remembered reading it and wanted to double-check. Turns out it is a slightly expanded version of one of the stories in the Rarity collection. Which is why the description seemed so familiar. It’s pretty good. It is only slightly expanded, but I would probably recommend this as a good introduction to this author if you weren’t sure about trying the collections.

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